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The gig economy is now a well-established and thriving entity in the job market. this is the place where companies around the world are going for all their short-term staffing solutions.  Large companies are seeing a spike in hiring trends for gig workers in the teams for roles that are specific to that project. For large companies, MSMEs, and start-ups alike, working with freelancers cuts the overhead costs, facilitates rapid hiring, and helps the business avail the service of experts for the job. 

10 tasks that you can outsource to freelancers

  1. Graphic Design - the demand for digital design copies is high for large and small businesses alike. These can be any kind of artwork for marketing collaterals, brand design, packaging design, and logo design among others. Since most companies do not require full-time graphic designers for all types of tasks, they can outsource it to freelancers for fresh ideas, great prices, and the opportunity to work with some of the top designers. 
  2. Customer Service Representative – the customer service team witnesses high attrition in most companies. By outsourcing it to freelancers, the company will rapidly find replacements and it will be more cost-effective than full-time resources. Since most customer service calls happen on the cloud, it is easy for the company to deploy communication systems.
  3. Data entry – Data is the currency for new businesses; however, the process of collecting and collating data can be tedious. This is a commonly outsourced function, and it is very easy to find good resource persons for the same. 
  4. Recruitment consultant – freelance recruitment consultants help in finding qualified professionals and do the initial screening. After the initial screening is completed, HR has fewer steps to cover to hire the new candidate. 
  5. Tax and accounts consulting – auditing, tax filing and GST consultants can help the finance team complete an essential but tedious task for the business. If you are venturing into a new region, the local freelance consultants can help in an advisory capacity.
  6. Web developer – website development, app development and similar software development tasks can be outsourced to a freelancer since they are one-time tasks. One can also outsource the regular update and maintenance tasks to freelancers. 
  7. Content writer – outsourcing content writing work is better than having a large team when you are a small company. Most writers charge by the word and will deliver unique content in bulk. 
  8. Legal counsel – for any type of legal advice, for litigations, corporate law, drafting and negotiating contracts, and other legal aid, hire freelance legal counsel.
  9. Event manager – event managers are required for occasional events that are held by the business. find independent event managers who are well-connected and can put up a great event in a go.
  10. Virtual assistant – virtual assistants will plan and organise your personal and professional life for you, remotely, depending on the scope of work you have. They are available on call, via IM and by email.

There are many more tasks that the company can freelance that are infrequent or require specialist handling. Freelancing provides a cost-effective solution for businesses in all sectors.

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Sunada Jayaram
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