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5 Reasons you must hire Freelancers for your project

Dharmendra Singh
Dharmendra Singh
Create: Oct 05,2021

As the internet technology boomed and better virtual communication channels have made it possible to have seamless interactions there has been a boom in the freelancing engagement model. More companies are opting to balance their recruitment with full-time and freelance talent engagement. Here are 5 Reasons you must hire Freelancers for your project.

1.    It’s cost-effective

Full time employees have additional costs besides the salary paid to them including HRA, insurance, among other things. Freelancers are mostly recruited for single-purpose or project roles. For instance, if your company is developing a website, you will need a content writer to write the webpage content and a website developer to build it. These are niche purposes that a freelancer can fulfil for a one-time fee.

2.    Faster recruitment

Since the contract with a freelancer will mostly entail a non-disclosure agreement and agreement and whatever project related agreements for the discussed terms, the recruitment formalities are completed faster. Also, unlike full-time roles one is only concerned with the professional skill of the free lancer, that is to complete the specific task pertaining to the project. For instance, an interior designer is hired only to provide the designs for the project, and it does not matter if they match up to the company’s expectation of being amalgamated with the team and culture.

3.    Work with domain experts

Many domain experts after spending a large portion of their career with large companies prefer to branch out and establish themselves as freelance consultants. They do this for exploring opportunities in their fields and to be their own masters. For SMBs especially it would hitherto have been difficult to hire the services of someone of high calibre as full-time resource. For a single, project-related engagement such talent becomes more accessible. For instance, if you want to design a communication strategy or design your company’s strategy for cloud migration, you can hire the service of domain experts as consultants for the project.

4.    Build connections

Often, the freelance consultant that the companies hire are working full-time with a large company or have connections with numerous other businesses that may be allied with your business interests. This presents possibilities for the business to benefit from the freelancer’s insights and connections to build their network. For instance, when through a logo designer, the business may get the opportunity to connect with professionals in the advertising field to design their product advertising campaign.

5.    Work with international talent

The gig economy has no boundaries and since the freelancer’s physical presence is not necessary, it will save a lot of costs in recruiting internationally. Companies can benefit from hiring freelance talent in their field internationally who are reputed for their skills in the business. They can also recruit highly skilled freelancers at a lower price than what they would have to pay in their current location. It also gives business the opportunity to work with local talents of the market which they are exploring.

The freelance engagement model has revolutionized the way people conduct business and both professionals and businesses must explore the various possibilities in the engagement model to succeed.

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Dharmendra Singh
Dharmendra Singh
Create : Oct 05,2021