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7 Types of Digital Marketing Services offered by Freelancers

Sunada Jayaram
Sunada Jayaram
Create: Dec 07,2022

Digital marketing is the backbone of modern-day branding and many digital marketing freelancers are doing great work in helping businesses launch their products and services. among digital marketers, there are generalists and specialists. While the generalists are masters of all, a specialist may know all aspects of digital marketing but specialises in one kind of digital marketing strategy. 

Understanding Client Demand for specialists

Among freelancers, there is a demand for both generalists and specialists in digital marketing. It is tempting for a freelancer to become a generalist as keen skillsets limit the number of opportunities. However, having a niche skill rises one’s demand and the quality of the project one receives. To become a specialist, one must have high skill sets, that are acquired through getting platform certified and relevant work experience in the niche. Many freelancers get certification and experience in more than one niche. However, when they apply for a project, they will only show relevant skills for that niche.

When a client sets out to hire a freelancer, they want a specialist because they want the best person for the job. Thus, to succeed as a freelancer, one must develop a niche specialisation and keep a tab on the in-demand services. If your niche is not attracting opportunities, it pays less or is fast becoming outdated, then it is time to upskill or reskill and move on to a new skill. The important thing about digital marketing is to remain agile.

Here are 7 Types of digital marketing services offered by freelancers

1. Content Writing

Content is king, and no matter what type of digital marketing service one seeks, one will need a content writer to give them the message. Brands require content to educate customers about their products, promote the brand name, generate leads, and increase lead conversion. Written content helps customers in the decision-making process. In an era where many businesses are trying to get AI solutions for content, a good content writer is in great demand. Marketers require original content so that they aren’t penalised by Google or spammed. Content writers are approached for writing long- and short-form blogs, newsletters, articles, white papers, affiliate reviews, product descriptions, and social media copy among others. there is much demand for content writers for finance and technology. Original content for cryptocurrency, gaming, health and fitness, business technology, etc. earns premium rates. 

2. Graphic Design

Digital marketing requires elements of written and visual content in equal measures. So, while the copywriter will give the words, the graphic designer provides the imagery through the powerful display of products and related images. The dynamic communication of information through pictorial representation has a greater influence on the buying mind. Graphic designers provide logos, fliers, brochures, social media graphics, web content, product designs and other artwork. 

The graphic designer chooses the forms, fonts, shapes, and colours and takes artistic liberties to make the message appealing. There is a great trend for infographics which uses a combination of text, data, and graphics to express complex information in a simple format. A good graphic designer and content writer can together create winning infographics for the company. 

3. Social Media Management

Social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest are crowded with people from all over the world and 21st-century business goes here to promote and even sell their products and services. Digital marketers run campaigns for brand promotion, audience engagement, lead generation and sales on social media platforms. A freelance social media marketer promotes the business on various social media platforms through influencer marketing and interesting content. They come with unique content ideas and various strategies to promote them. Every social media platform requires a different treatment. For instance, on Facebook, they generally use graphics for link building for landing pages. Instagram uses more visuals created with videos and vibrant imagery Twitter can be used for surveys and interactions and so on. Social media marketers capture trends and use them to promote the brand. They can educate the business about the latest fads, tools and technologies to help them remain in sync with today’s customers. 

4. Search Engine Optimisation

Data is the currency of this era and every day tons of information is uploaded on the internet. To search for the information one wants, certain words are used and based on the terms used, the search engine displays results. Search engine optimisation is used by digital marketers to ensure that the business’ website ranks high, and comes in the top 10 results when someone enters a search term. This way, the people searching the terms will visit the website, read what the business is offering, and take the requisite action. There are predetermined parameters and guidelines along with the guidelines to search engine rank pages and SEO specialists utilise on-site and off-site SEO techniques to make the business website rank high. 

On-site techniques include optimising website structure, links, images, keywords, page meta description headlines, and overall content. The off-site techniques are building a backlink network. SEO is free and using organic techniques lends to the brand’s authenticity. SEO specialists generate traffic for the website through organic search using keyword strategy and building relevant backlinks. 

5. Paid Advertising

Though there are plenty of free marketing options online, there are paid alternatives available to drive traffic to web pages that are highly effective too. There are many paid ad slots on social media, news pages, and blog sites with high traffic that are auctioned based on location, demographics, and keywords. There are multiple paid ad models such as pay per click (PPC), pay per view, pay per download, and pay per install to name a few. PPC is very popular and has become a medium of income for many bloggers with their own personal blog sites. Paid ads specialists use Google AdWords, Facebook Paid Ads, Instagram advertising, etc. to promote businesses. they create ad strategies, research keywords, and select target audiences. 

6. Web Design and Development

This is a much more technical aspect of digital marketing as it involves building a website that is aesthetically and technically perfect. A well-optimised website with a good design is important for SEO and branding. Online shoppers are very conscious about overall user experience – the ease of navigating the website, finding what they are looking for and the discoverability of the brand. A web designer designs the interface consciously focusing on UX and UI. The web developer builds, upgrades, and manages the website. 

7. Video Production

Worldwide, approximately one billion hours of YouTube videos are watched every day. Social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok feature many marketing videos. How-to videos, Live videos, short interviews, product reviews, and animations are used by businesses as part of their digital marketing strategy. Videos drive engagement and they are easily shared. They are known to help consumers make buying decisions and boost conversion. It is easy to create and post high-quality videos online to drive engagement. However, a professional videographer owns and knows how to use the tools for editing and shooting beautiful and impactful videos. They will have tools for reordering recorded videos to produce easy-flowing content and add graphics, special effects, sounds and animation. One can create their own videos but hiring a freelance professional will speed the process and also ensure that a well-thought, technically sound video is created. 

With freelancers, even small businesses and start-ups can have impactful digital marketing strategies. ZoopUp has various categories in which a business can select a freelancer for their business. With our detailed drop-down option, the client can concisely post their business requirement in a few easy steps. Scroll through our Browse and Buy section and you can find many readymade solutions on sale by freelancers that will help your business ace its marketing game.

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Sunada Jayaram
Sunada Jayaram
Create : Dec 07,2022