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In the past decade freelance career options have grown and there are great number of opportunities with better pays that people can pursue today as freelancers. This can be attributed to a host of reasons – 

  • There are more educated women who want the best of both worlds, that is having a career and be available for their families
  • Everyone wants better work-life balance, where they don’t want to compromise on a personal life to have a satisfying work life
  • Technology is affordable and so is internet access
  • Many new businesses are being launched in India, most of them start-ups and for them it is lucrative to hire freelance talent. 

India is a booming freelancer’s market

In the USA or UK, the average pay to freelancers is roughly around US$40 per hour. The Indian freelancer offers the same service at rates as low as US$4 per hour, thanks largely to the low cost living in the country. so, many businesses prefer the Indian freelancers for the low rates and international-standard skills. Currently India has over 15 million freelancers and they have played a big role in the growth of Indian start-ups. They are also contributing with their skills and expertise towards top-tier organisations as business environment and demands alter. 

What it takes to be a freelancer in India?

Although there are many opportunities for Indian freelancers, it takes effort to get discovered and sustain oneself. One must understand that by nature freelancing happens in a free market with open competition. So, one must rely entirely on their skills, talents and how well they can market themselves to achieve the freelance nirvana in India. While the initial years are tough, once you get visibility and build a formidable reputation, the work will flow in. However, there is no scope to get complacent and one must keep upgrading their skills and stay abreast of the latest trends in their field and the market scope. 

Some strategies for Attaining the Freelancer Nirvana in India


Create visibility for yourself and your work as people will only come to you if they see you and your work. Publish your work, chat with people from the field, share your opinions, ask questions and debate on topics. Your network must include not just potential clients but also competition and other people related to your field.

Price it right

Don’t overcharge or undercharge, price it right to ensure that your get value for your work and people know your skill level. Refuse work for anyone who does not agree to your price unless there is some strong intangible return such as the brand name or a formidable project. Do not cut your prices where they make promises of more work, these do not usually pan out. 

It’s about working smart and not just hard

As a beginner you may want to test waters by saying accepting any offer that comes your way. This is fine, as nobody can rightly say what would be the right course. however, as you get a little footing in the market, you must get selective and work smarter to find lucrative options. You must establish which project is worth investing your time in and plan accordingly.

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