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Help your team benefit from the productive engagement of freelancers

Sunada Jayaram
Sunada Jayaram
Create: Nov 09,2022

Fortune 500 companies are rethinking their team makeup to include freelancers and full-time employees and not choosing between them. This balance of the two allows the companies to take advantage of the expertise of outside consultants while saving on the manpower costs of a project. A lot of roles require –

  • Industry knowledge
  • Technological know-how
  • Regional knowledge
  • Market understanding

For the company's in-house team to acquire this knowledge, the company will have to spend on research and training. It may not always be feasible to hire a full-time resource person; even where the company has a full-time resource person, the inputs of an external resource person can add value and dimension to the approach. 

Building the Winning Team

The team-building effort is an ongoing one and even where the employees are all part of the company, it is often difficult to find the right chemistry. It also happens that the teams get complacent in each other’s company and through long association, which can stagnate the result. It can also impede new learning. Shaking the team by bringing in an external resource person, someone who has a neutral view of the company and can give a real impression. 

Keeping the business agile

In the past six months all the large companies have laid off thousands of employees and Twitter realised the gaffe it had made and requested many employees to return. Reshaking the corporate structure and circulating the company’s employees helps the business remain agile and evolve productively. Rather than go through the expensive route of firing existing employees and hiring new employees, a more cost-effective measure is to get intervention from freelancers.

Some roles are better served by freelancers

There are some roles in the company that can become very expensive if a full-time resource person were to be hired. Also, the best resource persons in this field may be working for themselves s microentrepreneurs for various reasons such as – 

  • Scope for better opportunities
  • Better earning potential
  • Opportunity to apply their skill in different avenues
  • Not wanting to relocate

Freelancers in fields such as photography, graphic design, content writing, event management, and skill training to name a few strongly prefer working as independent contractors. Most businesses find it convenient to find someone for project-based engagement in various roles.

The internet intervention

Digitisation has helped the freelance market to evolve and thrive as an organised market structure. A great contributor towards its development is the freelance job sites such as UpWork, Freelancer, TrueLancer, ZoopUp, and SimplyHired to name a few. These platforms facilitate rapid hiring so the team can hire a person to complete an essential task in a few days. So, if the mobile app development team is seeking someone to do UX design work for a niche sector client, they can hire a UX designer to complete the task by posting their proposal for a bid. With their advanced filtration tools, it can be ensured that only the most aptly qualified persons submit their proposals, and the client can hire the person best suited for the role. 

Thus, rather than go through the route of having the company recruiter scout a resource person, and then go through multiple rounds of interviews, the team can directly hire the person for the job. This helps in breaking the ice between team members and the scope of the role is clearly defined. Thus, an effective association can be formed which will benefit the project outcome greatly. 

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Sunada Jayaram
Sunada Jayaram
Create : Nov 09,2022