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5 Essential Skills for Every Software Developer who wants to Freelance

Sunada Jayaram
Sunada Jayaram
Create: Dec 03,2022

Software development remains one of the highest-paid in-demand skills among freelancers. Every company, irrespective of its size is looking for some digital solution for its business. For small and mid-sized businesses approaching large IT companies may be intimidating and even unnecessary. This is because the scale and scope of their projects will be limited and can be created with a starter pack of the platform. Working with agencies can be time-consuming as they have multiple levels of agreement and collaboration before the team is assigned the project. 

Large companies, even Fortune 500 companies hire freelance software developers on many projects that require temporary hiring solutions. Often freelancers are in a position to give immediate solutions and are better acquainted with current technology and upcoming technology trends. 

Here are 5 essential skills for every software developer who wants to freelance – 

1. Tech-savvy

It often happens that the software developer has in-depth knowledge of their technology, but they are not adept at handling basic digital communication technologies. It is important to know how to work on the cloud and know to learn how to use the apps for CRM, CMS, communication and much more. A recent survey of 2000 Java developers showed that 53% were “technology sheep” who would only adapt to new technological trends once they were accepted by the industry as a standard. Around 3% of developers confessed that they “don’t have the time to upskill and learn about new technologies” because they are very busy. 

It is important to keep learning technology trends and programming languages. 

2. Business Edge

A freelancer is a microentrepreneur or a solopreneur, which means that they are using their skills to run a business by themselves, which will entail managing other aspects of a business such as finance, marketing, sales, and administration. Only when one finds a project, they can bid for it or participate in a contest, then there will be the negotiation of terms, and signing of agreements before the actual project work will begin. For the entire process, the software developer must be prepared to handle the administrative aspects of business dealings. Knowledge of finance will help them with managing the tax implications, preparing invoices, quoting rates, and negotiating a good deal. Other management skills that a freelance software developer must possess are time management, project management (tracking and reporting), competitive spirit, and being market ready.

3. Stay on the learning curve

A successful business is creating trends and is always in step with the latest technologies and trends. To succeed as a freelancer, the software developer must be aware of the current market trends, which software is being used by businesses and what would be the apt solution for their clients after understanding their business and industry. To achieve this and to be able to anticipate what would be the perfect solution for their clients, the software developer must have the market knowledge and remain on the learning curve. Often, clients know what they need but do not know how to get it. They often rely upon the software developer to guide them with their expert input. As software development projects are a big investment and have a large impact on the business, the client will ask many questions that are both technical and non-technical and the software developer must be prepared to answer them. 

4. Time management

Freelancing having multiple clients involves chasing deadlines, working with different types of clients from different time zones and most importantly working on one’s schedule. To not be completely consumed by one’s professional commitments, and to be able to deliver work on time, one must plan their daily schedule meticulously. Make sure to create time for wellness and vacations, search for new projects, and one’s personal interests. scheduling should become a habit and there must be buffer time to accommodate unplanned interventions. 

5. Knowledge of UX design

The mark of a great software developer is their understanding of the business application, aesthetic appearance, and logical design of the technology. To create a great app or software, the freelancer must be familiar with design and construction so that they can understand how the end consumer will use the finished product. It is important that they know the latest design trends so that they can create applications that will reflect the vision of the business. 

Apart from the knowledge of their field, freelance software developers must keep themselves updated on the latest business practices and consumer trends. With knowledge and understanding of their market, they will be able to create their products and services and sell them in the market. Thus, they can initiate business rather than wait for a client to choose them.

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Sunada Jayaram
Sunada Jayaram
Create : Dec 03,2022