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I work in the hospitality industry and ever so often we host events and guests make special requests for entertainers. It is either musicians, story tellers for children, hosts, or even magicians and arts and crafts workshop conductors. I just log on to ZoopUp and either start a bid, contest, or browse through what people are offering. I always get the quickest response on this platform and often realise that the person who is coming as a mime artist is actually a mechanic whose hobby is miming. In fact, I browse through skills on sale and purchase what the ZoopLancer has to offer and offer the service to client as part of the package to make it more appealing.

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Sarthak Singh
Sarthak Singh
Create : Oct 06,2021

Hello and welcome to my profile! * 5 years of Experience * Always on the top of the latest technologies * Good communicational and planning skills