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Compelling Argument for Becoming a Freelance Content Writer on ZoopUp

Sunada Jayaram
Sunada Jayaram
Create: Dec 15,2022

The content writer earns phenomenally well freelancing, as they do while working full-time. As great as being a freelance content writer is, giving professional flexibility, earning potential, and choice of projects can have its drawbacks. Every content writer can recall at least one incident where they have been – 

  • underpaid by the client or not paid at all after they submit the work
  • having to do multiple edits at the same rate
  • being asked to submit sample assignments which are used by the clients and then not paid for the same 
  • left idle by the client for a long stretch of time
  • received a repeated request for changes

These are problems faced by every freelancer at some point in their career, and even freelancers in other fields can recount such instances. ZoopUp provides content writers with an excellent platform to find work and be secure in their earnings.

Structure and organisation with freelance job sites

Even clients have faced setbacks and a lack of satisfaction with the work submitted by the freelancer. Or the freelancer refuses to or is unable to comply with the editing needs of the company. Besides, freelance writers will quote their prices, which may be high or low, as there is no concrete market rate to go by.

Freelance job sites enable businesses and freelance writers to find a structured platform that is regulated where they both can work without worrying about the genuineness of the project or the applicant for the role. 

All freelance job sites have their distinct hiring structure that facilitates project-based hiring for fixed-rate or fixed-period. Clients are charged hourly or per word rate which gives them an estimate of the total cost. The client has to load part of the agreed-upon payment which will be released from their account after they approve the payment. Payment can be made at one time, or in instalments as every stage is crossed.

With a well-drafted non-disclosure agreement and compliance that underlies every project that is posted, the client and the freelancer are protected. Once the project handover is completed, even if it is only part of the project, the ownership is transferred to the client and the freelancer is entitled to payment. 

How does the platform benefit?

The platform benefits from transaction charges and platform fees which are generally around 10% of the total transacted amount. Some websites charge the freelancer and the client in advance with the promise of giving them opportunities. Whether you pay in advance or have the amount deducted after project completion, the amount deducted will be approximately the same. The platform even benefits from partner programmes, in-app purchases, and by offering training and development courses.

Currently, ZoopUp does not levy transaction or platform costs, so the freelancer gets the complete amount, which they can transfer to their bank account after 24 hours. They are on the verge of launching their skill training programmes for which freelancers can submit their courses and sign-up participants as professional trainers. A freelancer can structure and build a course, engage participants, and earn a parallel income from their skill training programmes. this in turn opens a wide vista of opportunities for being invited for corporate training and much more. 

Currently, most projects posted on ZoopUp are for content writers. Thus, a writer can take advantage of a wide range of opportunities for all types of content writing projects. So, sign up today with ZoopUp as a freelance content writer and enjoy the various earning opportunities that are presented to take your career to the next level.

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Sunada Jayaram
Sunada Jayaram
Create : Dec 15,2022