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Freelancing has been a godsend for many talented individuals who have the skills but not the opportunities because of their situation. It is also a convenient and cost-effective route for companies that can now get talent on-demand from anywhere without bearing the cost of relocating them. Freelancers share a consultant-client relationship with businesses that engage them, which means that they are working for themselves. Only if one thinks like an entrepreneur, then will they get steady business.

Some important traits of freelancers

  • Freelancers must be self-motivated and constantly keep themselves engaged to build upon their skills, learn new aspects of their business and look for work. Work will come your way only if you actively look for work and once earnings depend entirely on how well and how quickly they complete their work and move onto the next project. This requires one to be self-motivated.
  • One must have excellent marketing and sales skill to put themselves on the right platform and make themselves visible. There will be immense competition, especially when searching for projects on the best freelancing sites in India, and the only way to compete and get work is by marketing one’s skills on the right platform.
  • Along with these, it is important to have strong communication skills to network and communicate with clients. Unless one can describe their product or services, how will they sell them? Communication is a key skill for growth as a freelancer.
  • As is the case for every individual entrepreneur, you must have strong organizational and administrative abilities. This is important because unless you have grown beyond the scope of a freelancer to start a small company, then you must rely entirely on yourself to manage all aspects of your freelancing activities such as creating memos, bills of payments, procuring raw material, or other tools required for your work among other things.
  • To manage one’s core work and all the other administrative duties, while balancing one’s personal life requires excellent time management skills. It is important to set deadlines and work around them so that project timelines are met without compromising on one’s personal time. It is very easy to lose sight of one or the other, that is, one’s personal time or professional commitments when one is freelancing. Hence, it is very important to schedule one’s activities correctly.

To succeed as a freelancer, one has to network well, be a professional and invoke trust in one’s clients because most of the time the transactions and interactions are happening remotely. 

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Madhukar Sharma
Madhukar Sharma
Create : Jan 15,2022