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During the pandemic I lost my job and to keep a steady income coming in while searching for a new job I started working freelance. I am an interior designer, so I did get a project or two through my former clients. On an off chance while browsing job portals I came across ZoopUp and decided to open my profile and uploaded a few of my designs for different spaces of the house that had been rejected or I had doodled and idea onto my profile and put them up for sale. I also build small furniture articles like chairs, stools, corner tables as a hobby. I displayed these too. My work started getting notice within the first week. A lot of large restaurants and even homeowners were redoing their interiors taking advantage of the lockdown. It was validation of my skills at a time when my confidence had taken a blow (because of being laid off). Now, I have created a comfortable corner in my house which I updated regularly to create carpentry and design videos. I share these as courses on ZoopUp and it amazes me the kind of diverse student group that attends my courses to learn not only as professionals, but also as amateurs. 

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Harsh Singh
Harsh Singh
Create : Oct 09,2021

I am here to hire some freelancer for my upcoming projects. So we can work for long period of time together if you want.