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Freelance recruiters have witnessed an upsurge in demand over the past ten years as technology has made it possible for boundaryless collaborations. Human Resource departments of large and mid-sized companies are increasingly relying on freelance recruiters to help them with finding new talent. It saves them time and resources to outsource the first level of screening, that is shortlisting candidates based on their resumes and then contacting them about the job profile. 

HR needs

The human resource department does a commendable job in building up a job profile that blends the technical requirements of the role, the organisation's culture, and the overall career progression they envision for the candidate. There are many online job portals where roles are advertised, including the company website. The walk-in candidate is a thing of the past, as most HR departments carefully whet and screen candidates before finalising their candidacy. 

Where the Freelance Recruiter fulfils essential functions

The freelancer recruiter has many advantages compared to full-time recruiters. They can build their repertoire of skilled professionals and even if a professional does not work for one role with one company, they can send their resume to another company looking for similar talent. So, for any company that has urgent hiring needs, or is seeking multiple applications for the same role or diverse role, the fastest way to get candidates and meaningful applications is through freelance recruiters.

Perks of going with freelancers

The greatest perk of going with a freelancer is that they don’t have to be given the same employee benefits as an in-house recruiter. They work purely on commission and previously agreed upon rates. They are the experts in their field and can be trusted to fulfil the service without the requirements of training.  A brief on the company’s hiring requirements will guide them on the type of candidate that is being sought and the best ways to match profiles. 

If the recruitment is being done for a purely technical field, the freelance recruiter can use their specialist skills to find the right candidates by weeding out many candidates in the initial phase. 

ZoopUp’s freelance recruiter services

As the leading freelancer’s job portal in India, ZoopUp provides a platform for companies to post their requirements and find freelance recruiters that will fulfill the company goals and meet their targets efficiently. With various alternatives to post projects, one can rapidly find recruiters for their project. 

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