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Online training programmes have gained traction over the last couple of years as the world was forced into lock down mode and many reputed universities began offering free courses online. Even as schools and colleges are running full swing there remains an acute need for good tutors to help students. Traditionally, tutors have been searched for Science and Mathematics purely for academic reasons. Institutes like Khan Academy and Byju’s made virtual tuitions a trend many parents found convenient.

However, now tutors are not only in demand among parents and students in schools and universities, but they are also sought after for the subject they are teaching by any interested student. Whether it is music, art, soft skills, management training or even technical training. They are sought after by individuals who want to learn a skill for their personal or professional development, companies for employee training and even school or college students who want to augment their qualifications. 

Value of skill training

the world is constantly growing and evolving and there is a need to stay constantly updated and reinventing oneself to stay ahead of the curve. You may be a baker who has an excellent technique for making scrumptious patties or you have cracked the formula for trading bitcoins, the sky is the limit to what you can teach. If you have succeeded as a vlogger, there are many who are waiting for somebody to show them the ropes behind making viral home videos. 

Earlier skill trainers were mostly retired persons from the industry who were moving to the next stage of their career teaching form their experience at educational institutes or corporates. Now, anyone with a few years’ experience who has been successful in establishing themselves in the field can teach.

Who is learning what?

A few years back when iPhone launched its first camera phones there was a wave of interest in learning smartphone photography. Today, the trend is for learning about video editing and making interesting storyboards to engage viewers. Once, people bought book on time or money management, today the demand is for learning personal finance (investment, savings, spending), soft skills training for communicating virtually (that is, sending emails, instant messaging etiquettes, video calling etiquettes). 

Establishing yourself as a Freelance Tutor

To establish oneself as a freelance tutor, the first thing is to be qualified for teaching the skill. Promote yourself and your skill through your website, join a tutoring website or association, or promote yourself in your neighbourhood. List your business on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. List your business on Google. Get yourself listed on the best freelancing sites in India. Ask clients to give reviews, referrals, and testimonials. Post your videos on YouTube and your social media accounts. Keep posting new content about your achievements, on your subject and even current events in your field. 

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reeya singh
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