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You are a multi-Linguist. Here’s how you can earn from it

reeya singh
reeya singh
Create: Nov 06,2021

Language is the tool that helps communicate ideas and the more languages one knows the greater the number of people they can connect with. Language is the first barrier a business must overcome while entering a new market and it is also the first bridge one must build to connect at individual level. Hence, whether one is traveling abroad to study or work, they must learn at least the basics of the local language. 

Linguist in demand

The demand for multi-linguist is not only in the publishing industry for translating bestselling books, but in diverse areas. Businesses need translators while conducting overseas business, for translating manuals, brochures, and other marketing collaterals in different languages, among other things. if you are a freelance writer, you can be engaged for translation work. 

Teach a language

There is a lot of demand for learning new languages among people of all age groups. Earlier there was demand for popular foreign languages such as Mandarin, French, Spanish and of course English. However, now people’s interests have expanded and there is also demand for learning old languages like Latin and Sanskrit. In India, there is a demand for regional language teachers for school students for people who migrate to other states. So, North Indian families based in cities like Bengaluru and Mumbai are seeking teachers for Kannada and Marathi languages respectively to teach their children the subject, which is compulsory at school. 

Hobby seekers

For many, learning a new language is a hobby or they may be travelling to the country and want to learn the language. For instance, someone going on a month-long vacation to Italy may want to learn Italian to be able to communicate their basic needs. In many countries people do not speak any other language. In china, one has to know Mandarin or Cantonese, depending on the region and in most of South America people largely speak Portuguese or Spanish and one has to know either language to communicate.

How to use the linguistic expertise

You can take one-on-one classes or upload pre-recorded tutorials for communicating in different surroundings – formal/informal. Classes can be taken to teach written and spoken language and capture the popular idioms and phrases. As translators, one can apply to multinational companies seeking language experts to create documents in the local languages. Freelance job sites in India advertise roles for people proficient in different languages.

Knowing more than one language is a precious skill and one can apply it in any line they may be freelancing in. 

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reeya singh
reeya singh
Create : Nov 06,2021