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How to Become a Successful Freelance Website Tester

Pushpank Tripathi
Pushpank Tripathi
Create: Nov 01,2021

Software testing requires very little capital investment and with a laptop and stable internet, one can open their shop anywhere. Driven by the need for schedule flexibility, independence to choose the projects and higher incomes more people are opting to be freelance website testers. Among the most in-demand freelance jobs, there is huge demand for opportunities in IT; and software testers benefit from access to a global market. 

The advantages of freelancing

Web testers have several advantages by opting to freelance in the field – 

  • You can start your career while you are still a student 
  • You can explore opportunities in different industries and various projects
  • You communicate directly with the end customer
  • Be your own boss and learn about management 
  • Work with the best tools and techniques
  • Manage your schedule 
  • When you are not web testing, you can teach web testing or collaborate with others on independent projects

Skills and experience

For a successful freelance software testing career, you must be self-motivated and inventive. Many software testers take up freelancing as a parallel career to make some extra income. Dedicating yourself to full-time freelancing implies that you must be driven to market yourself and your skills to gain visibility and attract projects. In the early stages of your career, one cannot afford to be very selective of the projects they choose. At this stage it is advisable to look for diversity in projects as much as possible. If there aren’t any project, you can create tasks for yourself or learn new skills to augment the offerings. 

A key to succeed as a freelancer is to have good communication and presentation skills as the website tester must sell their skills directly to clients without any mediators. One must know how to ask pertinent questions and respond precisely. A degree in Computer Science or Software Tester certification would be an advantage.

Where to find customers and earning potential

Freelance website testers like most people starting their business get attention through referrals and word-of-mouth publicity. There are online marketplaces where clients post their requirements and one can bid for projects. Social media platforms will be having posting for freelance web tester requirements. One may be contacted by head-hunters too.

On an average, beginners earn anywhere between US$8-10 per hour and experienced testers can earn as high as US$40 and more per hour. One must be flexible with their charges as the rates depend on the size of the business one is working for, complexity of project and your own interest. 

Unlike 9 to 5 jobs, freelancing is more agility in terms of hours, and it is entirely up to the freelancer how much time they dedicate to their trade. On an average, IT freelances work for 37.4 hours per week. The work is satisfying and there is freedom to step out of one’s cubicle to work anywhere one desires and with people from different industries and nationalities. 

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Pushpank Tripathi
Pushpank Tripathi
Create : Nov 01,2021

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