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My laundry business website was not working since we pushed some updates for the platform. All our customer interaction and order processing happen through our business’ web application. I don’t need a full-tile IT guy and hiring a website development company was stretching the budget. I read about freelance website developers who could migrate my entire website for me and began my search. ZoopUp.com just popped among my top searches for “freelance developer for migrating website from Wix.com to HubSpot.com”. I had an urgent need, so I simply posted my requirement for bidding and within two days finalised the complete project with a highly experienced website developer who had worked with businesses of my size and understood what our expectations were and the urgency for finishing it. Bottomline, he finished the work well within schedule, the interface was kept untouched, and the new updates worked fabulously. 

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Create : Oct 02,2021

Freelancer and Trainer at Zoopup for Individuals, Small medium business & for corporates.