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How can You Earn as a Freelance Personal Finance Advisor?

Dinesh kumar
Dinesh kumar
Create: Mar 28,2022

Finance is a matter that everyone is seeking advice for. Whether it is personal finance or corporate finance, there is always a search for professionals with in-depth subject knowledge. Personal finance is a domain where people need handholding and guidance and there is a lot of money to be made as a freelance personal finance advisor. 

What does a personal finance advisor do?

Personal finance advisory is wide in its scope and its role includes guidance on –

·       How to spend

·       How to save

·       How to invest

·       Filing taxes

·       Saving on taxes

·       New savings and investment vehicles in the market

·       Insurance and retirement plans

The list is endless and as new products are launched in the market, there will be more scope for a freelancer. 

How do I earn as a freelance financial advisor?

This is a career that is grounded more on personal finance management success than one’s qualifications. Your knowledge and understanding of money, wealth creation, and wealth growth will help you win clients. Whether you teach homemakers how to save and invest, or professionals with low salaries how they can supplement their income, even a freelancer in Gorakhpur can provide wonderful insights. 

Earning potential

The first thing is to build an audience. Post blogs, vlogs, or social media snippets to gain an audience. Once the audience pours in you will get the attention of finance companies who will pay you to market their product. If you do not want to endorse a product, you can find engagement as a personal finance manager for individual clients. You can charge them brokerage fees for your services. You can also earn from Google Ads if you are generating enough traffic. There is a lot of scope for growth. For your personal finance knowledge, domain expertise, and market knowledge you can earn from acting as a consultant for companies that are studying market trends. You can become a blogger for finance publications and news channels too. 

Building a reputation as a freelancer requires time, patience and consistency. If you dedicate yourself to the area of personal finance advice, you will understand the latest trend and build your knowledge and expertise in the field. This will help you grow professionally as a freelancer.

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Dinesh kumar
Dinesh kumar
Create : Mar 28,2022