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4 Web-based Freelance Careers that will generate steady income

Kripanshu Chauhan
Kripanshu Chauhan
Create: Jan 11,2022

Freelancing is normalising as a career choice in many fields as more individuals are seeking work-life balance in their lives. People no longer want to postpone their aspirations to travel the world, miss watching their children grow or compromise on their career growth. The flexible nature of freelance engagement models makes it possible for people to create a healthy balance and enjoy a fruitful career. However, the freelance market is still evolving, and one must constantly be engaged to find steady jobs. Here are 4 Web-based Freelance Careers that will generate steady income – 

1. Programming and software development

Freelancer developers, especially software and mobile app developers are the highest paid. Everyone needs a good coder to build a powerful platform and to earn as much as US$ 1000/ hour, learn to code. Not everyone in the field is earning as much as that, it takes time, skills, experience and looking for work on the right platforms. Still, with strong skills in iOS and WebGL programming languages, one can start charging around US$150/ hour or more. Bitcoin developers are also in high demand and are charging around US$200/hour. 

2. Web design and development

Web design and development are also in great demand as the demand for websites for eCommerce businesses, marketing and other purposes are rising. Of course, over the years the field has become crowded with anyone with some skills and talent are offering their services at lower rates. However, if you find the right niche you can still earn well as a freelancer in India working from home. Further, keep moving to newer avenues by constantly upskilling and staying current to last long in this field. 

3. Content writing

With the boom in online marketing trends and the development of new methodologies such as inbound marketing, content writing is considered one of the hottest fields. You can do blogs for businesses, content marketing, social media marketing content, technical writing, and so much more falls in the ambit of content writing. It is a low investment career as one needs a laptop and internet to work along with strong command over the language in which they are writing. To write well, you must read well and have a creative mind that can produce engaging content that attracts readers. 

4. Graphic design

Graphic design is also highly in demand worldwide as many freelancers make up to US$ 85/ hour in design work. logo design, icon design, illustrations and infographics are in high demand among businesses of all sizes. 

In any of these fields, to excel and really earn well consistently and to stay in demand for the long term, you must keep upgrading your skills and working towards improving your work and offering something new to clients. To be successful as a freelancer the single most important quality is to consistently perform well in one’s field. It is about selling oneself and continuously proving that you have something new to offer that is better than the rest. 

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Kripanshu Chauhan
Kripanshu Chauhan
Create : Jan 11,2022