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Freelancers are skilled professionals with niche specialisations. They are like consultants who offer the company specialist services for a fixed cost and are hired for a fixed tenure or particular project. They are not employees, but independent service providers, with limited scope, and to whom the company pays a fixed amount in return for their services.

We share with you 5 ways in which freelancers are helping businesses.

  1. Cut costs on manpower - hiring full-time resources incurs a cost to the company such as HRA, insurance and other perks besides the basic pay. Freelancers are paid the exact amount for engaging them without any extra costs.
  2. Easy hiring process - it is easier to hire freelancers because only their skills have to be verified. There is no prolonged hiring process and thus the recruitment cycle is completed quickly. this is both cost-effective and time-efficient. In case of projects that call for urgent hiring, or temp staffing, freelancers are the perfect fit.
  3. Accountability - Freelancers are professionals who have gone into business for themselves. They are invested in their roles in the project as their work will become a part of their portfolio.
  4. Get talent from anywhere - depending on whether the role requires the freelancer's presence on-site, you can choose to hire a skilled professional anywhere. You can browse the best freelance websites in Lucknow to find talented individuals locally or internationally.
  5. Fresh perspective - Freelancers can be changed with every project and thus a fresh perspective is added every time a new talent joins the project. Even if you repeat the freelancer, they work on multiple projects with different clients, develop a unique way of viewing the work, and bring in refreshing practices.

The freelance economy is building up into a structured entity that can be relied upon to deliver as it involves skilled professionals competing in an open market. Your business can benefit from them to develop a competitive edge.

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Irfan Ansari
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