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Every company has a set of business activities for which they must bring in the expertise of external agencies. These are non-core business activities that require short term engagement of skilled experts. Freelancers provide these non-core services that plug the gap and do the same at a relatively low cost to company. The benefit of engaging freelancers is that they act as short-term support staff who stay with the company for the period of its project as an employee minus all the formalities one must go through to engage a full-time employee. 

Freelancers are far more invested in the project success as their personal career growth is directly impacted by their performance in every project. Here are 5 areas where freelancers can benefit your business.

Creating web presence

This encompasses everything required for creating a web presence such as – 

  • website design and development
  • online marketing
  • content writing
  • web and mobile app development

These activities may not require daily upkeep, or the resource need not be engaged full-time to manage and maintain the virtual platform. The advantage of engaging freelancers for these services is that you are likely to find someone who is highly skilled in the latest platform, someone who has worked in a range of business areas that gives them the edge of experience that you will benefit from. Also, they operate with strict deadlines, so the project will be concluded faster.


Design may include designing brochures or logos or even interior designs or marketing or sales content. There is a host of design work for which engaging freelancers is lucrative because one can engage a different designer every time or return to a particular designer they have worked with. It gives the company the scope to stay fresh and work with new ideas.

Skill training

Training is a major requisite, and this is not limited to soft skill alone, but also includes technical skills. Freelancers having worked with a range of different projects can provide a singular approach to training and can be more effective than in-house trainers on many occasions. In situations where you may have migrated your companies database to a virtual platform you can engage the app developer to train the staff on using the platform and thus your staff will also be updated on the new technology. You can also hire skill trainers who can teach the staff on how to communicate with clients in a new market, learn the use of machinery or new techniques among others. 


Finance related work such as filing tax returns, GST or auditing can be done by freelance tax experts. One can hire trainers for teaching new rules or laws of finance requirements and even technologies for managing the finances of the company. This basically includes and one time crucial finance management activities for which the company has to rely on external agents.

Headhunting and recruitment

Hiring a freelance recruiter or HR agent makes it cost effective for the business to find talent at a low cost. The freelancer only must be paid when a successful hire is made. Also, if the company is looking for recruits in new locations, they can engage the services of local head hunters to find eligible candidates.

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Vipin kumar
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