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It is better to leave the business to the people who know the business – this is the adage upon which the entire freelancing ecosystem is built. Creative process outsourcing (CPO) is among the most in-demand services sought by businesses, and this includes even the ones that are in the creative businesses. Creatives such as content writers, graphic designers, UI/UX designers, and marketers are in high demand for their rare gifts. Freelance creative professionals are working with businesses of all sizes and as individual creators and contributors to projects, they are adding great value.

The instigators of change

As the world goes digital and entire marketplaces are becoming virtual, the demand for creative writers, designers and marketers are on the rise. Internet connectivity and low-cost technology make it easy for anyone to now invest in design technologies in an individual capacity. Thus, a graphic designer need not become part of a design firm to use design software applications to deliver high-end designs. A digital marketer can also buy subscriptions for or access free websites to boost rankings and promote a brand name online. 

From the point of view of the companies that hire freelancers, they can now engage creative minds from anywhere in the world. This gives them a distinct cost advantage, the opportunity to work with a diverse community with unique perspectives and explore new markets and business opportunities.

Broadening prospects

As the internet has flattened the world, it has brought a plethora of opportunities for freelance creative professionals to bid for the best projects, compete for the prize project, and sell their work at the price they quote. The open competition gives everyone a fair chance to apply for a project and the business chooses the best resource person at a fair rate. 

The business may need a permanent creative team, but outsourcing some aspects of the project, or browsing to see what other creatives are offering will help them gain perspective. the advantage of adding a freelancer to the team is that they will provoke the in-house team to get outside their comfort zone and test new ideas. 

Making freelancing Effective for your Business

It is better to get a head start with adopting freelancers for CPO to ensure the business adapts to the new workforce structure at the earliest. One roadblock one may find in hiring freelancers is resistance from the in-house team if they are insecure about the role of the freelancer. Creating a working draft of the scope of the freelancer's involvement, the exact nature of their inputs and the goal behind hiring them will help in defining the nature of their position. This will help the freelancer and the in-house teamwork in harmony and focus on the work. It may be a good idea to involve the in-house team in the hiring process, understand their needs and how effectively they can use the freelancer in the project. 

Creative process outsourcing with freelancers

CPO can be wholesomely done by the company in the following areas – 

  • Content writing – for digital marketing, SEO content is required in bulk. This includes blogs and articles on a single subject for a product, service, or brand name. It is better to outsource it to multiple freelancers to ensure there is no duplication and fresh ideas are added. 
  • Logo design – you can hire freelancers who specialise in logo design. On the top freelancing websites such as ZoopUp, Upwork, or Truelancer there is a page where the freelancer can sell their designs at the price they state. You can connect with the freelancer if you have urgent requirements. 
  • Photography – freelance photographers own their equipment, so the company does not have to invest in buying cameras, lights, and other paraphernalia. You can get photos shot in bulk and have them edited by your design team, or you can have them do the entire editing and related work and pay them for the same. Like logo designs, the business has the option to purchase photographs from the photographer that they have put up for sale.
  • Website design – whether it is designing landing pages, updating the current design, or adding new pages or features to the current website, it can be outsourced to a freelancer for the best ideas. 
  • UI/UX design – this is a highly specialised role, and a business does not require a full-time resource person for it. A freelancer can be hired to do the work and present the blueprint that will be optimal for your business purposes. 

Creative engagement is highly essential for a business because a lot about the business is conveyed through communication – visually and verbally. Outsourcing it to freelancers gives the business freedom to try out new ideas and designs and keep their approach fresh. From the freelancer’s perspective, working with different products, services, businesses, and brands will help them to keep reinventing themselves and explore their talents in new avenues. 

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