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Dealing with the problem of an Unproductive Workforce with Freelancing

Sunada Jayaram
Sunada Jayaram
Create: Aug 04,2022

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai observed that the productivity level at the company is not at a level expected from a company with employee strength they have. While Google is taking the route to slow down hiring and launch the “Simplicity Sprint”, an initiative to crowdsource ideas for quicker product development. On the other hand, like Microsoft, Oracle went heavy-handed and laid off employees in the USA, with impending layoffs in its Indian offices too. 

Cost-effective Manpower

These are tough times with the overall market slowing down. One way out for companies is to hire temporary staff and freelancers who are a more cost-effective alternative and will bring a fresh perspective to the business. Firstly, the company does not have to pay gig workers a flat rate for the project and whatever agreed-upon expenses for travelling. There are no additional costs such as HRA, insurance or other incidental costs.

The hiring cycle is shorter

A freelancer can be hired on half or a quarter of the time taken to hire a full-time resource person. There are freelance job websites for highly experienced and qualified professionals where one can hire people with niche skills. Many other websites cater to specific fields and others that can fill the entire manpower needs of a company. With a well-worded proposal, hiring policy and non-disclosure agreement signed and agreed upon between the two parties, the freelancers can start working on the project immediately. 

However, the freelancers cannot replace full-time staff

The nature of engagement with freelancers varies from that of a full-time employee. Their business interests are limited to their role in the project. They will not share the same associations with the company that a regular employee will. They provide a very particular service, and their role does not pour over to other aspects of the team, the project, or the work. 

They do serve an essential part in adding perspective

While their project goals will be limited to their role in the project, the freelancer adds perspective to the project with their fresh ideas and way of working. As much as they benefit from their association with the company, even the company benefits from their experience, expertise, and alternate viewpoints. The team gets a new member who can change their equations and give them more ideas on how to mould their roles. 

The global economic slowdown can be blamed largely on the after-effects of the pandemic, the ongoing war, and other geopolitical turmoil. However, nobody can ignore the major shakeup in staffing solutions due to the hybrid work options and alternatives to working remotely because of technology and the freelance engagement framework.  

ZoopUp has witnessed a rise in the demand for freelancers in every industry, not just the IT sector. Our freelancers are based in the remotest parts of the world. While MSMEs and start-ups are benefiting from these easily accessible talents, even large companies haven’t been able to ignore the perks of hiring freelancers.

To understand the role of freelancers glance at some of the proposals and freelancer qualifications on our platform. 

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Sunada Jayaram
Sunada Jayaram
Create : Aug 04,2022

I am a freelance writer with varied experience of 11 years