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Inclusivity for Special Conditions in the Non-traditional freelance workforce

Savita Tripathi
Savita Tripathi
Create: May 07,2022

The traditional office set-up was a good meeting ground for individuals committed to a brand, product, or service. It facilitated the creation of an environment where a collective workforce could engage together and work on projects. There are defined hierarchies and with the aid of enterprise productivity software, now information and workflow no longer occur unilaterally or bilaterally but move as per the demands of the job.  

However, the traditional workplace has very little room for people with special needs such as persons of disability, pregnant women, and people who have personal needs to stay at home. The freelance marketplace is an alternate workspace where people with marketable skills can look for projects, long-term flexible work opportunities, or short-term temp roles. 

Freelance Market dynamics

The freelance market is governed by the open market principles for demand and supply. If you have a skill that a client needs, they will engage you. It does not matter whether you are pregnant, you have a health condition or any reason that compels you to not travel to a regular workplace. The playing field has been somewhat levelled for the persons who are stuck in different situations. 

How are businesses engaging these people with special needs?

Mostly, these individuals are filling a critical skill gap in a company that occurs for various reasons such as – 

  • It is an MSME company that is in a Remote region
  • The role is temporary or project-centric
  • Sudden demand arises from the client side that the business must fulfil
  • The role is location immaterial
  • It is less expensive to hire a freelancer to do the job

But are businesses hiring special circumstance candidates?

During the interview, or even before the interview, when the job is posted or the project requirements are uploaded, the hours of commitment are clearly stated. If the hours and the basic job requirements are suitable for the candidate, and it won’t impede their ability to perform, they can apply for it. Most companies ask you the hours you are comfortable working, and how many hours are you willing to give in a day towards the projects. Depending on the project, most jobs pay an hourly rate, or the project timeline must be posted, and you must ensure that you meet the deadline. For some roles, where it is feasible to outsource the work, yes, companies are hiring special circumstance candidates too. 

Visibility through online jobs

Online job portals do not require a person to reveal their disabilities or special circumstances. The new freelance job portals ask you to simply upload your profile, and quote your day rate, and the skills that you are offering. The company advertises its projects as job listings, bids, or competitions that anyone can try for and the person best suited for the project is selected with a neutral view of their situation. 

If you are pregnant, you want better work-life balance, you are differently abled, or you have any challenges that make it difficult for you to function in a regular work environment, then signing up with a freelance job portal may be the answer.

ZoopUp has job opportunities across various industries in different roles that you can apply for to earn a steady income. You must look at some of the temporary roles that you can comfortably perform and gain confidence from and build your profile and earn well. 

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Savita Tripathi
Savita Tripathi
Create : May 07,2022