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Freelance job opportunities can be availed by students who have skills that can be put to work in a variety of fields. Whether one wants to teach Yoga or do proofreading, there are services that do not require formal certificates but proven skillsets. With freelance job websites students can find these opportunities easily and apply for them. you can create a compelling portfolio and once you have worked in a couple of projects then you are established. Here are 5 freelance jobs for students-

  1. Online tutor – there is a lot of demand for online tutors, and this demand is not restricted locally, or within the country. one may get students from foreign countries too and earn better income from tutoring virtually. What more, one can schedule their tutoring assignments around their own schedule. 
  2. Graphic Designer – with an artistic streak, imagination and the right design software, students can become freelance graphic designers. There is a lot of demand for designs to create logos, backgrounds, posters etc. There is a lot of competition in this field, so one must create a distinctive portfolio to gain traction in this field.
  3. Content Writer – there is massive demand for content writers in English language, and there are ample opportunities for other languages too. So, if you are very fluent in some language search for opportunities for writing and translation jobs in it. the jobs may include writing articles, blogs, descriptions, editing, proofreading, online marketing etc.
  4. YouTube Vlogger – YouTube vlogging has caught up in a big way and there are countless influencers earning a phenomenal income by posting their vlogs. You can pick any area of interest, make short videos on them, and post them on YouTube. Once you cross a certain number of viewers or subscribers, businesses will contact you to promote their product or service, besides this you will also earn from advertisements. 
  5. Event Management volunteer – event managers are always looking for volunteers to run a whole host of errands. They pay well and it gives an opportunity to work with a variety of people. This is an exciting field and gives a lot of experience in management and administration. In fact, once you have gained some experience you can start organising your own events. 

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Abhishek Arya
Abhishek Arya
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