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Top 10 Freelance Job Sites to Get Clients in 2022

If COVID-19 has done one thing to disrupt the job markets, it is to make space for a hybrid workforce in companies, and in this space, it has created a niche for freelancers with professional skills. The Freelance Job Sites in India showcase premium jobs from large companies, just as much as they do from MSMEs and start-ups. With improved connectivity beyond geographic boundaries, outsourcing takes a whole new meaning in this high-speed internet era. Virtual collaborations between team members have been there for over two decades, but with sophisticated and low-cost mobile technologies, the reach of collaboration tools has expanded.

The benefit of this is professionals don’t have to migrate to overcrowded cities for opportunities and businesses have access to fairly priced on-demand talent. Freelancing websites have done a lot by offering their specially designed engagement models to augment the growth of the gig economy. While regular job sites and even the professional networking site, LinkedIn does advertise many freelance jobs, these jobs are less for a single project. The roles mostly add freelancers to the company’s list of regular collaborators.

Freelance websites work differently

The Freelance Job Sites in India where most Indian freelancers are signed up are virtual marketplaces where those who have a marketable skill are offering it for sale, and those in need of the services can buy it. With the flexible engagement models, transparency, and assurances both parties are assured of being paid well and on time. With a market size of US$1.5 trillion, there is a lot of actionable trade happening on freelance websites. There are over 77 million freelancers currently working across India, Europe, and the US. North America accounts for over 50% of the global freelancers. The highest demand for freelancers is among tech developers, with the IT industry adding several new jobs.

Currently, three websites—Upwork, Trulancer, and Freelancer.com—hold the largest market share as a digital freelance marketplaces. However, there are many other websites where one can find steady projects.

Top 10 Freelance Job Sites in India to Get Clients in 2022


1. Upwork

Upwork connects clients ad freelancers in fields such as web design, software development, customer service and accounting. Clients can post a job or buy services from the project catalogue. Freelancers have access to job boards and sell their services. The freelancer’s profile determines whether a client can win a project. the commission on Upwork decreases as one’s quantity of work increases.

2. Jooble

Jooble is a search engine with loads of freelance opportunities from various industries around the world. It aggregates job listings from other websites and freelancers can search jobs by keywords and apply for them.

3. Fiverr

Fiverr caters to businesses looking for freelancers for digital projects in web design, content writing, and digital marketing. On this website, freelancers are sellers, their services are gigs, and business owners are buyers. Once they sign up, the sellers list their gigs and set their prices. Buyers browse the categories and purchase services. Once a buyer purchases a gig, the system will automatically charge their account and put the money on hold. The freelancer receives 80% of the offered price and Fiverr collects 20% as a commission fee.

4. Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com is one of the first freelance job portals and professionals and companies from around the world collaborate on various projects here. Besides projects, companies can post contests and freelancers can earn money and reviews for participating in them. Freelancers receive full payment for completing a project. However, the platform charges a 10% commission for contests and fixed projects.

5. ZoopUp

ZoopUp is fast emerging to be the Best Freelancing Website with its multiple hiring alternatives and skill training programmes. Clients can upload their projects for bids or contests and freelancers can sell their services as part of the Zoop & Buy offer. There are many ways to boost one’s project or services on the platform. It is the Best Freelancing Website to find clients and freelancers in every industry as the website has a wide reach.

6. SimplyHired

Companies can post their requirement on SImplyHired’s job board for free. The website also displays all the job offers from the internet on a single page. Anyone can browse through the website without a profile, by signing up you get access to various job tools.

7. Flexjobs

Flexjobs is for all sorts of remote opportunities – freelancing, part-time, full-time. They cover a broad category of skills, and screen and verify all openings with strong filters for scams and fake companies.

8. People Per Hour

People Per Hour, as the name suggests, is one of those Freelance Job Sites in India where companies can hire freelancers and pay them by the hour. The portal has millions of freelancers from different industries and the moderators review every application before approving it and allowing freelancers to job hunt.

9. Guru

On Guru, companies can hire freelance professionals for administration, marketing, and programming. The website gives job recommendations based on one’s skill set and work experience. Companies can advertise short-term projects and freelancers can bid at a fixed price.

10. Toptal

Toptal is one of the exclusive Freelance Job Sites in India for highly qualified freelance professionals that are in the top 3% of the industry and companies that require specialist services. Toptal offers the services of web developers, finance consultants, product managers, and other high-achieving freelance consultants. Toptal is exclusive as it has a five steps screening process.

You may be starting your career as a freelancer, moonlighting as a freelancer, or looking for projects that will add value to your professional growth, our recommendation of top Freelancing Websites in 2022 is the place to meet your goals.

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