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Any company has a set of core and non-core business activities. While core activities are directly related to the business operations, the non-core can be critical to the business. These can be one-time services that the company may require for their business. For instance, when the company recruits an event manager to organize an event in a new market then it is a non-core activity. However, it is important to create a market presence when they are exploring new territory.

Opting for contractual hiring

 Elizabeth Eiss, Founder and CEO of the talent curation and freelance recruiting platform ResultsResourcing observed that when full-time employees are given non-core tasks then the employee ends up paying for eight hours of work, for a task that takes four to six hours to complete. The burden of this cost gets shifted onto the end consumer. In this process, the company puts itself at a competitive disadvantage because they lack price flexibility compared with its agile competitors. 

A company will be better aware of whether a role is a core or non-core depending on the industry and type of business. For instance, for a company dealing in farming equipment, creating a website is a non-core activity which it can outsource to a website developer. 

Freelancers Model for Non-core Activities

Freelancers are hired for a fixed term, which may be the duration of the project, for specific tasks, or hired on regular basis for non-core activities. Taking the case of the farming equipment dealers, they will require web developer’s services for adding features to their website or expanding its scope and other maintenance needs, which may not be frequently. 

Freelancers can be hired on an hourly basis, per day basis, or for a project. the hiring terms depend largely on the role they are being chosen for and the scope of the project. This helps the company curb hiring costs with a limited scope of activities and period of employment. 

This model gives the freelancer agency to determine the terms of work and the client gets a fresh perspective and expert services in an area of business unrelated to their field but serving a critical B2B service. 

Hiring freelancers through various engagement models

Another benefit of hiring freelancers is that it is quick. One can go onto any of the freelancers' websites, find the professionals that they are looking for and the project will commence. Many freelancing websites give alternatives to hiring models that will speed up the process. One can opt to start a competition, start a bid or browse through projects and purchase them. All these engagement models are designed to ensure there is clear communication of product deliverables. Also, the applications are filtered and only the relevant applications come through to the client.

Hiring Freelancers through Zoop & Bid

ZoopUp has a feature called Zoop & Bid which the client can use to post their project proposals. Candidates can post their bids stating their rates and project delivery details. There are provisions where a client can even purchase other bids.

This model helps in conveying the relevant information quickly so that work on the project will commence immediately

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Create : May 11,2022