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Getting Productive Engagement with Freelancers – 5 Points

Create: Apr 17,2022

It is typical for businesses to not trust freelancers, and rightly so. Many companies that engage freelancers are start-ups that must closely guard their business model and strategies for planning and launch. Any idea leak could be detrimental to their business plan. Yet, it is cheaper to get work done by freelancers as opposed to hiring full-time resource persons. It is also to do about timing. Maybe your company hasn’t reached the place where they require a full-time resource person in that field.

Here are 5 points on getting positive engagement with freelancers

1. Sign an NDA

An NDA or a non-disclosure agreement will ensure that the freelancer will become liable in case there is any leak of information from their side. Thus, you can trust them to be careful with the data and go ahead with the work.

2. Single point of communication

Whatever work is being assigned to the freelancer, it may come from a single team or multiple departments and must go through a single point of communication point. If there are multiple requirements for graphics from different teams, these requirements must be posted to the person in charge of the freelancer from the company and they must communicate them to the freelancer.

3. Be clear about the payment schedule

Many freelancers face this problem wherein the company gets the work done and leaves the payment and the freelancer hanging if they are dissatisfied. Communicate the payment schedule clearly and the terms under which the freelancer will be paid.

4. Tell the freelancer before letting them go

If you are unhappy with a freelancer’s work, then tell them you will not be engaging them and make sure to give them in writing that none of their work that has been rejected by you will be used and the freelancer is free to use them elsewhere. A lot of freelancers face this problem with clients where they get the work done and then drop the freelancer without reasonable explanation and fair pay.

5. Adhere to the terms of engagement

This would be safe for you and the freelancer. If the freelancer has been hired from the top freelance websites in Kanpur, then both parties benefit from the terms of engagement of the job portal that will ensure that nobody loses out due to the breach of the agreement.

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Create : Apr 17,2022