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Understanding Recruitment Problems for MSMEs - And where Freelance Consultants come in

Create: Nov 07,2021

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSMEs) are a large part of the Indian economy, however being in niche product and service sector, they have very specific manpower requirement. Hence, they have to strategies their manpower recruitment and assignment. All HR decisions including resource allocation and recruitment are taken by the owners and they may not give the task the importance it is due. A business is only as strong as its people. 

Finding skilled resources

Skilled resources, that is people who are at the helm of their careers are unreachable for the MSME to hire as full-time employees. To hire them as consultants the MSME must know how to contact them and communicate their needs effectively. Also, many of these businesses are based in tier 2 cities and they may not find talent regionally. To bring in talent from other places would imply additional expenses to accommodate them right from the point where the candidate is being interviewed. 

With access to internet and web portals dedicated to recruitment, MSMEs can find resource persons for projects or tasks that do not require regular engagement and anywhere in the world. For instance, if the company requires a formal proposal written they can approach a freelance business writer to do the work for them. Proposal writing is not a regular task for the business, it can hire a consultant for the job. 

There are many such business activities that may include calculating GST, filing taxes, recruitment, designing marketing collaterals etc. These are not regular business activities and in many cases the business can benefit from hiring the services of freelancers as they will bring with them their fresh perspective and current knowledge of the market. 

How to hire a freelancer?

These days companies are posting their requirements on job portals or professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn. However, there are dedicated portals for recruiting freelancers where the company can post their requirements and get great response for their advertisement. The freelancer engagement model is straightforward as the freelancer is hired for the project for the limited period. The company does not have any obligation towards the freelancers and vice versa. Furthermore, both the company and freelancer are equally invested in the success of the task. Searching directly for the resource person required on Google can lead to a host of recommendations on the search page. 

It is a period for MSMEs to expand the bounds of their business and they can do that aided by the best minds thanks to a new free market engagement model. 

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Create : Nov 07,2021

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