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Working as a freelancer requires one to be a self-starter. You must be motivated, manage your time, and fulfil your personal and professional roles. A freelancer is paid a fixed amount for the work they do, and only for the work they do. So, time is figuratively, money. If the project is completed in 3 hours instead of the quoted 4 hours, then that is 1 hour of savings. That time can be reassigned to another project. Productivity apps help one to assign more time to their work, devoid of distractions and with fewer hanging overs. 

Everyone must cultivate a few productivity hacks - technological, time management, and others to improve productivity.

5 Productivity Hacks to Help your Freelance Career

1. Earmark the time

Start the day by planning the day’s schedule. The beauty of freelancing is the flexibility one gets to plan their day. So, if you can’t have the traditional office hours, create a schedule that balances your professional and personal commitments. If you have kids, then you can start your workday just as they have been sent to school. Plan the bulk of your work for the time of the day when you will have no other distractions. You can arrange meetings at this hour. These long hours can also be allotted to work that is uninteresting and you must drive yourself to do. 

2. Try focus mode

Focus mode shuts down all the distracting apps on your device. This could be WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and any other distracting application. If your work requires you to use your device, then focus mode will help you create a focus on the apps that you will use. Even with your work, assign short breaks between two tasks for a break. This time can become a buffer if some work lasts longer than you anticipated. In case there are unscheduled calls or important meetings then your work can be adjusted to the break time. 

3. Give yourself a break

Every minute counts, however, unless you pause, the work can become overwhelming. Moreover, there are chances of burning out faster if one works non-stop. It is difficult to keep the momentum going every day. So, take at least two hours out daily for exercise and any other pursuits you may have. The whole point of freelancing is that one can work around their schedule and have a better work-life balance. Try not to lose sight of it.

4. Prepare ahead

If you are a content writer, start researching today and block out the topics and finer points you wish to cover in them today. If you are a graphic designer, complete your research and have the finer points of the design locked before you close the system for the day. Being prepared will help to prepare the day’s schedule. Also, having these finer points prepared means that the next day one already knows what work will be touched and completed. It will also keep you prepared in case there are some unplanned calls or deviations. 

5. Use productivity applications

Many productivity applications will help you speed up your work. Many apps are paid; however, some free features or alternatives suffice and get the job done. Look out for applications that are widely used and recommended in your field. It is an important skill to know how to use many of these apps and you can add them to your profile when you are applying for a project. 

To succeed as a freelancer, one must be self-motivated. The biggest distraction comes from net surfing. Between your work, try not to distract yourself by browsing the internet, rather get up from your desk, walk around, stretch, or get yourself some warm water to drink. Taking yourself away from the system even for a minute to stare outside the window can help you refresh. 

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Sunada Jayaram
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