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Are you baffled now that you have landed on this incredible mine of excellent freelance opportunities, but it comes with immense competition? Don’t be. You can make your profile visible and even attract client attention by promoting yourself and the best of your skills on the platform. There are a lot of businesses looking for talented individuals not just with the right skills but whom they can work with comfortably. It is about being able to share one’s vision and finding what one is looking for.


You must market yourself

As a freelancer, apart from all the other skills you possess an important skill you must have is excellent marketing and sales skills. You must know when to be modest and how to show off your best work so that it is noticed, and your skills gain reputation. You must create reasons for the clients to come to you and then return to you. How can you conduct such inbound marketing?

  1. Build your profile – you must be smart about what skills you add and focus on. Your certifications and education qualifications must add gravitas to your skills. Your portfolio must attest your experience or expertise.
  2. Use your social media presence – eve on the job portal, use discussion boards, blogs, and other avenues to promote your talents and get noticed. Your engagement must be ongoing, and people must be aware of your presence.
  3. Follow-up - You placed a bid or submitted your entry for a competition, that’s good. However, try and go a step further to see if the decisions have been made, you can take feedback as to why your project was or wasn’t selected. 
  4. You take the first step – Work on your own project and don’t be idle. Even if you are steeped in client’s work make time to work on your own project and if you have something worthwhile you can offer it for sale at a good price. There are a lot of clients who are looking for quick results and you can facilitate your personal project as a service for them. 

When you are working for yourself, you are always working, and it is important to ensure that you are always visible and actively building your business.

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Ajay Srivastava
Ajay Srivastava
Create : Oct 14,2021