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Skill training courses have a lot of demand as they are a quick and efficient way to learn a new skill and one gets a certificate of completion that holds value. When we speak of skill training courses, we aren’t talking about online tutoring for school and college courses, but professional skills that are transferable to one’s workplace. They are quick ways to bridge any skill gap one may have to be selected for a project. Also, they are not very expensive, hence, it is an investment people are willing to make. 

Not just for jobs

People are attending skill training courses not only because it will qualify them for a project or help them get a job, but also because it is something they want to learn. Not everyone who takes up advanced baking courses will start a bakery store; they may just learn the skill so they can bake as a hobby for family and friends. Since the skill training courses are being taught online, everyone is interested in enrolling for them to learn something new.

5 skill training courses I can teach

1. Smartphone photography - there is a lot of demand for learning how to use the advanced filters of smartphone cameras in the selfie-obsessed world. Smartphones are also upgrading their camera features to meet the demands, and where the system stops, there are mobile apps that have advanced filters and camera features. This is a skill that always has a market for learners. 

2. Fitness instructor - though there may be greater demand for anyone with professional certification, there are many fitness instructors who are self-taught and may have gotten themselves certified later for expanding their clientele. Fitness routines can be learnt and taught through pre-recorded videos, or you can take live sessions and guide people through them. 

3. Subject tutor – you can teach any subject to school, high school, or college students. Byju’s, Khan Academy, and so many other online tutor services started with one person who started taking online tuitions for a small batch and creatively engaged students. There is a lot of scope for earning in the education sector.

4. Music instrument - Again, you may be self-taught or attended formal classes, online music teachers are in great demand among freelance jobs online in Kanpur. However, you must be able to teach Indian or western classical and help students learn to read the notes too.

5. Management skills – it may be time management, finance management, business management, negotiation skills, communication skills, or interpersonal skills. You can be teaching anything and there are takers as everybody needs help.

Apart from the top five skills, there is a lot of demand for learning anything that is technology related. Whether it is software, hardware, electricals and electronics, automobiles, and much more. People wish to learn these skills not only for building their skills but to improve their knowledge.

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Shailendra Singh
Shailendra Singh
Create : Mar 22,2022