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Freelancing Rules for Students for Work and Academics Balance

Create: Feb 06,2022

Freelancing is one of the best job opportunities for students as it gives them a lot of flexibility and exposure while they are still studying. However, to work and study one needs to tread the fine line to balance their academics and professional aspirations. Here are a few freelancing rules for students to balance their work and academics.

Setting your priorities straight

Always prioritise your academics because these years won’t come back. If you are working part-time to support your academics, then work just as much as you need to finance your education. Compromising your academics to make some money is not wise as your scores have a lot of impact on your future education and job prospects. If you feel you can justify compromising your academics for work then take the chance, but your aim must be to complete your education. 

Time management

Juggling jobs and academics can be a challenge because one has to allow time for attending classes and maintaining attendance, study time, invest time on projects, social life and work. Meticulous planning and time management is essential to do this. You must also factor in aspects such as time for meetings and communications with clients, deadlines for submissions and any other personal commitments you may have. Student life is the period when one can hustle and work hard, but it is also when most individuals are physically and mentally burnt out due to their choc-a-block schedule. 

Be realistic

Understand your limitations and work expectations because it is important to maintain work ethics to be taken seriously as a professional. Don’t take up more work than you can deliver or try to achieve too much in a short time. Since you don’t even have a degree certificate in hand you are relying entirely on your skills to prove that you are capable of doing the task. Hence, work patiently, build your portfolio and professional image and progress in your part-time work.

Save and invest

Freelancing may be an income stream especially if you are associated with freelancing sites in India, but it isn’t necessarily regular. Hence, be sure to save and invest a portion of your earnings. Even from your perspective, if college load is more or some important tests are approaching you will not be able to give time to work. For such periods it helps to have some money put away in the side to tide you through the lull.

Your student life won’t come back, and this is the time one has to work the hardest to achieve their future professional goals and personal aspirations. Students today have a lot of opportunities and exposure and finding work will not be difficult. However, if you want to make this work experience count on your resume, then you must do it sincerely and work on meaningful projects with good companies.

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Create : Feb 06,2022