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5 Freelance Jobs that began trending wildly since Pandemic

Charit Mathur
Charit Mathur
Create: Oct 03,2021

Where there was a time when freelance jobs were mostly considered pass times or opportunities to stay occupied for retired people, today with the aid of technology, more roles can now be pursued in freelance capacity. The pandemic witnessed entire companies managing the business from the employees’ homes. It is easier to connect with skilled professionals and even for professionals it gives them time and space to explore new opportunities. here are 5 freelances jobs that began trending wildly since the pandemic.

1.  Content creation

Content, whether it is written words of articles, blogs, social media content or video or audio clips is in huge demand with over 400 million websites worldwide needing content every day. Content engages the visitor and there is a huge demand for content writers – blog writers, book writers, writers on trending topics and much more. During the pandemic, people were stuck indoors and relied on online content for their entertainment. The demand surge comes with commensurate pay and if you market yourself right, in the right markets, then you will get the pay you demand. 

2.  Mental health care

Being isolated, especially many who were stuck alone at home, compounded the fear of the pandemic took its toll on the mental health of many people. Mental health advisors were sought extensively online and anybody, not just qualified professionals, but anyone with valuable experience could also take up counselling roles. Health companies also hire mental health experts to attend to people who need mental health assistance. Of course, in such circumstances, a fully qualified and certified mental health expert will be sought.

3.  Fitness training

Fitness has been trending for a while now and home fitness industry grew and got a firm foothold as people were restrained in their residences. Even after lockdowns were lifted it was futile for many to return to gyms as the threat of a second wave persisted and another lockdown was imposed. There has been a rise in purchase of home workout machines and people are seeking virtual trainers to guide them and help they stay fit and in sync with their goals. 

4.  Education

Schools are shut and home schooling has become a norm. it has also opened people’s minds to the idea that they can explore other options in home schooling. So, now there is easy access to skill training programmes on a range of subjects including music, dance, yoga, coding, arts and crafts, public speaking and so much more. Students enjoy the engaging content, and this has spawned a large market for engaging learning content. 

5.  Marketing

Online marketing is a crucial tool and there not enough online marketers to cater to the immense demand on the virtual platforms. With more businesses making their virtual presence to reach wider markets, there is a major need for strong marketing experts to support their aspirations. If you understand the web and marketing, then you can take the lead in capitalising on this new platform.

Freelancing here to stay as it gives a lot of companies to work with talented and qualified skill holders. Even at competitive rates, freelancers are affordable especially for SMEs. So keep your eyes opens for opportunities 

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Charit Mathur
Charit Mathur
Create : Oct 03,2021


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