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All You Need to Know About Freelancing with International Clients

Pradeep Dhakad
Pradeep Dhakad
Create: Feb 02,2022

While working as a freelancer one has the freedom to work from anywhere, likewise, one can clients who can be based anywhere. This implies, that one can work with clients from anywhere in the world. Indian freelancers generate immense demand as they are known for being highly skilled professionals with excellent English communication skills and they cost less. 

Working with international clients

Mostly international freelance clients can be approached for projects via freelance job sites in India. These make an excellent place to get discovered and find lucrative projects with reliable clients. Freelance job sites are looking for affordable freelancers for clients and international clients are looking for skilled professionals whom they can afford. It is a win-win for everyone. When working with international clients it is important to have a clear understanding of expectations. A clearly outlined proposal and duly signed agreement will contribute immensely towards ensuring that the terms are met. 

Getting paid

The general practice is to quote the rates in US Dollars as they are easy to exchange. The important thing is to mention that the client will pay the transfer charges and conversion fees. Or else, factor these costs into the rates when you quote your rates to the clients. It is advisable to accept payment in instalments. So, set different milestones on whose completion part payment must be made. 

Working around time zones

Factor in time zones when mentioning deadlines and project timelines. Ensure you enter a clause on last moment changes and work so that nobody suffers due to the time lag. Also, all countries have different work hours, so be mindful of this when you set up meeting times. 

Freelancing can be very fruitful as there are boundless opportunities to work with clients anywhere in the world. With transparent and simple payment channels one can be assured of receiving payments on time. The important thing is to work with good clients on strong projects so that you can get good quality projects.

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Pradeep Dhakad
Pradeep Dhakad
Create : Feb 02,2022