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Write a winning proposal that will land you the freelance project

Sunada Jayaram
Sunada Jayaram
Create: Jul 18,2022

Your proposal plays an important role in creating an impression with the clients. It answers the key queries they have about the candidate’s eligibility for a role. Having said that, most recruiters skim through a resume and don’t peruse the application in detail. After all, for a freelance project, they may be receiving 100s of applications and they are concerned mainly with three points – 

  • Does the candidate have all the skills enlisted in the job description
  • Does the candidate have relevant work experience or education qualification
  • A professional writing style
  • Good communication skills
  • A fair price that matches the experience level
  • The time you will take to complete the project

Brevity is a mark of substance

Every project requires specific skill sets, a certain level of experience, and an understanding of the output. So, the proposal must be brief, highlighting the key points that you feel will give you a distinct advantage. These are 4 factors that will convey the message without 

  1. Ace the personal profile (write about top brands you worked with) – Since it is a proposal for a project, enlist projects and experiences that revolve around similar work you may have done in the past. Find ways to work in the names of some of the big brands you may have worked with. 
  2. Strike balance between technical and soft skills – technical skills are core professional skills pertaining to the jobs that require to be done. Soft skills are inherent values that help you negotiate, communicate, and be motivated to perform your job well. 
  3. Skills training certificates that matter – Even though you may be highly experienced in a field, there are constant developments that one must remain updated with. In an age where it is easy to find skill training courses for almost every skill, it is not difficult to take time out to attend a few courses to remain updated. You can attend online skill training programmes too.
  4. Rule of 10 helps – As a rule of thumb, one can retire projects or jobs that are ten years old or older. However, if the profile was one of your major stints or related to the current project then one can retain them. Technologies, business practices, markets, products, and services evolve. So, if you feel that the role is irrelevant or outdated, it is better to remove it.

Talk about your non-core skills where they count

Non-core skills, even the ones unrelated to the profile may be useful and add value to the project. For instance, if you are applying for a project in a new industry or have a wider scope than what you have traditionally done, then your non-core skills may help in adding legitimacy to your application. As a freelancer, it may be tougher to break the mould and graduate to newer projects with a broader scope because there are other candidates with more experience. 

Since this is the first interaction the company has with you, and they do not have the time to test your eligibility, it is difficult for them to test you. In such a scenario, highlighting some of the non-core achievements and experiences can give them confidence that you will grasp the project's purpose and fulfil its objective. 

A winning proposal must sound professional, sincere and answer to the demands of the clients. It must give them value and a glimpse of what more they can get. 

You can check out the proposals framed by some of the top ZoopLancers to understand the secret behind their success. You will find the project proposal uploaded by ZoopClients has a detailed project description that will help you frame apt answers to their skill needs.

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Sunada Jayaram
Sunada Jayaram
Create : Jul 18,2022

I am a freelance writer with varied experience of 11 years