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About ZoopUp

Advent into the Zoop Plaza – where skills matter

ZoopUp is a virtual plaza where one walks into one store to bid for projects by naming the price for their service. Freelancers open their own store to sell their products or services for a price quoted by them which clients can visit, browse, and purchase from. Then there is an arcade where contests are held where everyone is free to participate, and the client chooses the best project and awards them the prize. Like any thriving market that respects free market and trade, the ZoopUp plaza welcomes traders from all professions who have skills to trade and clients who are in search of special wares (that is, skills) that the trader has to offer.

ZoopUp was established in response for a growing need in the market to create a market structure built on transparency and stability for freelance employment. The aim of the platform is to create opportunities for connecting talent with meaningful and lucrative opportunities. We bring stability, variety and opportunities for clients and freelancers to help them navigate the independent engagement model of gig economy. There are avenues within the ZoopUp plaza where freelancers can offer skill courses to those seeking formal guidance.

The entire system is held by the infinite thread of relationships and engagements that will augment viable prospects for everyone.

You grow and we grow with you

The freelance market has created an abundance of opportunities for large MNCs, Start-ups and SMBs to work with the best talent in the market and create premium product and service experience. Whether it is long term development project, short-term assignment, or a quick one-time design requirement, we bring together talent and clients to collaborate over a union of their vision.

The ZoopUp platform has been designed to promote collaboration – whether it is through participating in contests, creating your own team by browsing through portfolios and finding the right mix of people for the project, through posting training programmes and subscribing to them or by simply selling and buying work. we transcend over boundaries created by geographies, industries, expertise, and experience to rewrite rules of engagement that is entirely government by talent and need.

ZoopUp is a robust engagement platform that can be continuously explored to find new business opportunities and avenues for skill development.

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ZoopUp your workforce

Whether you have a single project, limited time engagement, you need expert consultation before venturing into new markets or you need temporary staffing solutions, you can explore the ZoopUp reservoir for independent talent and fulfil your requirements quickly and smoothly. Our predesigned engagement models facilitate faster recruitment process to ensure you pass the administrative hurdle and get down to business presto.

Towards dynamic engagements

  • Dynamic application of skill sets across industries and ventures
  • Employing every skill one possesses, no matter how varied they may be
  • Exploring new skill building opportunities
  • Skill sharing
  • Building alliances for mutual benefit
  • What fosters dynamic engagements?
  • Staying abreast with latest developments
  • & Always Scoping for Fresh Opportunities.
ZoopUp is the platform where one can experience the dynamic engagements and benefit from the unbounded opportunities for excellence.

Towards dynamic engagements