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5 Key Strategies for Freelancers to Handle Difficult Clients Like a Pro

ojesvi singh
ojesvi singh
Create: Apr 04,2023


Have you ever had trouble as a freelancer with your clients? 

The freelancing industry provides several pros, but at the same time, there are also a few drawbacks. And one of the biggest challenges it gives is managing and handling clients.  

Therefore, when you come in contact with such challenging clientele, you may be unable to focus on other projects. As a result, your mental and physical well-being gets affected. Also, you can wind up delivering subpar work to your ongoing clients and projects. This will also lead to less monthly income if you don't stay focused constantly.  

If you've been encountering such situations as a freelancer, read this blog thoroughly. We will walk you through the long-term problems you'll face with such clients and what professional hacks you must follow to avoid them. We'll also look into how to deal with angry customers. 

Common challenges faced by freelancers  

You may be in a dilemma about whether to continue working with clients who are creating havoc in your professional life. To simplify this situation, we've broken down some common and biggest challenges you may face while freelancing. In a different section, we'll provide you with the top strategies for handling clients in the freelance sector.  

  • Delayed Payments  

Most freelancers struggle with irregular income. With inconsistent earnings, you'll face financial uncertainty. In addition, you'll have fluctuations in workload and unpaid invoices. But don't worry; we'll explore certain tips on how to deal with angry customers. 

  • Time management due to workload 

Some clients provide you with a lot of work in a limited time. Additionally, you may also face distractions and burnout due to the need for clear work boundaries. Therefore, as a freelancer, you need to manage your time effectively to balance multiple projects and clients, meet deadlines, and maintain productivity.  

  • Negotiating Contracts 

Another biggest challenge is setting fair rates for their services and negotiating contracts with clients. Some clients break the contract and understand your worth and skills.  

How to deal with customers who are demanding? 

You can still deal with these clients with the best approach and your communication skills. Hence, stick to our tips to maintain a healthy relationship with them.  

  • Find out difficulties  

The first and foremost step to getting out of dilemmas in the professional world is finding out the difficulties a freelancer encounters. Your consistent problems may include unresponsiveness, rework, frequent editing, and recurrent changes in the client's idea. So, once you discover the challenges, move to the next steps.  

  • Communicate with your clients  

It's obvious that when you start a conversation and speak up about your problems, you may find a solution with mutual discussion. Call or send emails to your clients constantly for this. Still, if the client doesn't respond and shows unrealistic behaviour, we suggest you walk away. However, ensure you communicate with other clients as early as possible in difficult situations.  

  • Create a contract  

Solid contracts build better clientele relationships. While building a contract, ensure you include the duration of the payment cycle. Furthermore, you must also add that if your work has been published or used by them without paying, they should pay for it within a week. In this manner, your client will only run away by sending you your equal pay. Feel free to ask for delayed payments, as some clients intentionally try to run away without clearing your payments.  

  • Explain to clients your terms and conditions

Some things can't be written in the contract. These may include recurrent changing of ideas, dozens of reworks, matching the same vision, etc. These look impossible! Right? Therefore, arrange a meeting before starting your projects with a client and convey your message about your terms and conditions. It will help you in building better clientele relationships.  

  • Maintain long-term commitments  

Who doesn't love long-term client retention? But do you know how to do this? First, you must say goodbye to clients creating a nuisance in your professional life. Next, provide suggestions to your clients on providing you work beforehand rather than giving urgent projects. Also, pay attention to the quality and deadlines of your work. Most freelancers delay and use AI for their work when looking for human-generated content. Hence, clients may want to spend their time and money on something other than you.

So, you must provide the best services and create your own USP. One of the effective tips that top freelancers follow is providing freebies to long-term clients.  


You must show that you are a dedicated freelancer. For this, take our advice and follow the professional hacks mentioned above. Because, at the end of the day, you want client retention and long-term projects to keep your income growing. So, plan and pay attention to every need of your client.  

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ojesvi singh
ojesvi singh
Create : Apr 04,2023