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Technology has aided the growth of freelancing globally. During the pandemic lockdowns, most people and businesses were relying on the internet, and internet-enabled technologies to continue operating. While for some roles the basic smartphone is adequate, you will require a laptop for administrative and managerial aspects of being and micro-entrepreneur. 

Technology is integral to all job profiles of freelancers as they require it to connect and communicate with clients. 

Here are 5 technologies to invest in for freelancing

  1. Laptop – laptop, especially a lightweight one can give you the freedom to continue working even when you aren’t working from home, but on the move. To be a truly remote worker who works from anywhere, get a lightweight laptop. Since most websites and web apps require less space, one can even do complex web development, graphic designing, and data crunching on their laptop.
  2. Smartphone – your smartphone is your collaboration tool. The smartphone is used to visit online job sites to search for freelance jobs, bid for projects, communicate with clients, or for any professional purposes. Many freelancers prefer attending virtual meetings and interviews on their smartphones because of the picture quality while streaming a video.
  3. Bluetooth headphones – these are one of the better innovations that have happened in the past few years.no more dangling cords or being stuck with the laptop or phone as one attends a virtual call. You can choose the barely perceptible ear plugs, wired Bluetooth earphones, or Bluetooth headphones. They all serve the purpose with equal elan. A big plus is choosing noise-cancelling headphones that will cut the white noise and allow all attendees of the meeting to concentrate on your points. 
  4. External SSD – You may own a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, but it is important to have a backup of all the work in a secure location. The cloud is a good place to save one’s work. However, what if there is no internet access or unstable internet access? External SSDs are compact, and one can create folders and save their work after labelling them correctly. You can carry and access data at any time with these without having to delete any of your old work. 
  5. Wi-Fi Hub – steady internet connectivity is the backbone of a freelance career. So, even if your work does not require regular internet or high-speed internet, you still require going online to connect with clients and share the work with them. Thus, installing a Wi-Fi hub at home and having a Hotspot connectivity option on the smartphone also helps. In case, you are not in the mood to work from home, or you are travelling, at least you can use mobile internet to carry on doing your job.

Besides the hardware, many software applications are a great aid for the business. Spending on a good quality smartphone, laptop, or any other technology must be viewed as an aid to modern life, especially for a freelance career. Don’t stint there and ensure that you spend wisely and only as much as you need to for getting the job done.

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Sunada Jayaram
Sunada Jayaram
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