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Companies were getting ready with deadlines to start running offices in full capacity in a few short months. Employees were also dropping in requests for remote working extensions as many had returned home and even admitted children to school in their hometown. Bang! We entered the new year and with that what looks like a potential third wave as the Omicron variant of COVID-19 is spreading at an incremental pace. As we all mask up and become more cautious, the freelancer community can continue to expect opportunities to grow. As Luxury toilet maker Lixil Corp`s chief people officer, Jin Montesano, told the Reuters Next conference, “It`s no longer the place to work ... wherever you get work done is where you work.”

Instead of impending travel restrictions

Already the travel restrictions have become stringent with strict RTPCR testing for those travelling internationally. Many countries are on the verge of banning entry for international travelers. Companies are huddled to find new solutions to the evolving problems, working closely with clients. So, demand for remote workers is set to remain unabated. As for the freelance jobs that witnessed a boom in the past two years, they are here to stay as economies and big businesses grapple with the slow business. it will be easier and cost-effective to hire temporary staff locally for regional short-term assignments where one cannot directly travel for a short-term project. 

Where there is scope for growth in freelance opportunities?

Technology has given a boost to many industries and made it possible for them to consider hiring freelancers as a more cost-effective alternative. In this year, the health and fitness sector will see a surge in freelance hiring growth and many sign-up virtual gyms and fitness classes. With gymnasiums becoming hotbeds for potential infections, it is feasible to work out from home. The IT sector will continue its trend to hire freelancers. Another area where we can expect growth is in food catering services for home-cooked food and the supply chain industry as people continue to rely on online shopping for all their needs.

The best freelancing sites in India will continue to experience demand from both sides as clients and freelancers alike collaborate. 

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Sonam gour
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