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5 Freelance Jobs that will Add Value to a Student’s Resume

Create: Apr 13,2022

Students who joined college just as the pandemic struck the world and we were thrown into the throes of an inconclusive and uncertain lockdown, had to miss the physical college experience. College is about more than just attending classes and learning skills, it is about experiencing adulthood and exploring opportunities.  

One way many students complement their college education is by pursuing internships and part-time jobs. These add value to their postgraduate applications and job applications. It allows students to work with businesses and understand how the professional world works and what opportunities they can pursue.  

Here are 5 freelance jobs that will add value to a student’s resume 

1. Freelance writing 

Freelance writing requires you to have a good command of a language. Though English writers are in high demand and get paid well, there is niche demand for freelance writers in other languages too. You can find ample opportunities for Hindi language writers when you do an online job search in Kanpur.  

As a freelance writer, you will be able to work on different types of content work, which may be technical writing, creative writing, marketing content, and much more. 

2. Virtual Assistant 

A virtual assistant job can put you in close contact with individuals who require someone to take care of the administrative or organizational aspects of their personal or professional lives. You could be working with the CEO of a company, a socialite, or any individual. This provides an opportunity to see how people in important positions organize their schedules and manage their work and personal lives.  

You will learn to be efficient with your schedule, interact and negotiatenegotiating with diverse people, and work with people from different walks of life. Furthermore, the letters of recommendation will be invaluable to your career. 

3. Event Management 

Most event management companies prefer to hire students as paid volunteers and event coordinators. You can be working on corporate events, weddings, organizing TV shows, and much more. These jobs pay well and if the event management company is happy with you, you can get repeat opportunities. Many successful event management companies themselves start off working as event coordinators to build their contacts and learn the ropes of the business.  

4. Photography/ Videography 

If you are good with a camera and know how to work well with an SLR or even a mobile camera, and you are comfortable working with the software applications such as Photoshop, then you are ready for a career as a freelance photographer or videographer. You can sell your work online, assist a professional photographer, or hire yourself as a freelance photographer. If you are doing good work and your skills are exemplary, then you will get regular work and earn well.  

5. Web Developer 

Everyone is going digital these days and MSME companies are looking for low-cost web development services. If you have the skills to build a website, then you can start a lucrative career as you work your way through college. Web development does not require very advanced skills either, a basic WordPress website is adequate for most projects.  

You can attend online skill training courses to acquire advanced skills in any field. This will add value to your profile and even give you definitive direction on your career plans.  

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Create : Apr 13,2022