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Freelancers Emerge Stronger Than Before with Crisis Management

ojesvi singh
ojesvi singh
Create: Feb 24,2024


Crises are unforeseen events that do not just put hurdles for solopreneurs but also for business owners and freelancers. Even joyful events like weddings and births could prove to be disruptive for many businesses and freelance projects. That is where a crisis management plan can help freelancers emerge stronger than before and avoid losses. Let us check out some key tips on crisis management that smart freelancers use. 

Top Crisis Management Tips

Following are some of the major tips on how to manage projects during a crisis. 

1] Focus on What You Can Do

Mindset plays an enormous role in uplifting the spirits. In a crisis, people mainly align their focus with things that they cannot do. With this, they see that they are losing and are in a state of inability to stop the results of disaster. 

Focus on what you can do to bring the ball back into your pocket in such situations. Do not focus on what is wrong. Focusing on what is right will bring satisfaction and will reduce some stress. This will allow you to think straight and make worthy decisions.

2] Go Online

COVID-19 was a pandemic that has strangled the whole world for a very long time. Many businesses announced the shutdown because they had not even imagined such a massive crisis. It was the first time when petrol prices went negative. 

But smart brands that devised a solution to cater to such a disaster succeeded. What they did is to go online. People started to order things online because of the strict lockdowns. This strategy of smart brands not only kept them alive but also got them more customers than they would ever have had. No doubt that some might have hired an ecommerce marketing freelancer to move their business from offline to online. 

3] Make Your Schedules Considering the Unexpected

Every freelancer has to schedule his time to complete and deliver the project. The main mistake most freelancers make is that they do not count the unforeseen events that can occur out of the blue in their schedules. It is a smart move to add some extra time to set your deadlines. For example, if you do freelance article writing and you can write in 5 hours, set a deadline of at least 8 hours.

4] Communicate

In times of crisis, it is important to let your clients know about the situation, as your absence will impact them. Not informing the situation and then disappearing for some time is not professional. In this cut-throat competition, a client can easily go for another freelancer if he is forced to. 


Poor crisis management is dangerous because it only makes things worse. Freelancers with good crisis management strategies can easily outperform and secure themselves from a lot of possible damage. If you are looking to hire smart freelancers who do think about such unforeseen events, then you are at the right place. On ZoopUp, you can find the best freelancer who would not let you and your project go down.

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ojesvi singh
ojesvi singh
Create : Feb 24,2024