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Emerging Freelance Opportunities during this Pandemic

Raju Chaurasiya
Raju Chaurasiya
Create: Jan 19,2022

Since 2019 when the pandemic first raised its ugly head, a lot of careers have received a new lease of life with new avenues to pursue them. Within the freelance engagement framework, many people are now getting hired based purely on their talent and skills. The opportunities are spreading not by word-of-mouth, but by legitimate channels.

The number of freelancing sites in India has increased over the past five years and they are offering a regular flow of projects for freelancers from all fields. The top recruitment occurs for IT-related services, which is also among the highest-paid fields. However, other fields have gained a lot of traction through dedicated channels with streamlined systems. 

Where new opportunities have opened

A lot of opportunities have opened in the service sector with people outsourcing catering, event management and other forms of entertainment to newcomers. Instead of going through regular channels or conducting a Google search, people are posting projects on job sites and social media sites and attracting quotations. Opportunities have rolled for freelancers in the Beauty and fitness industries as there is an increased demand for personal fitness training. One can offer their services remotely or physically, as per the type of fitness instructions they are offering. In the beauty industry, there is a great demand for beauticians who can come and provide their services at home. There are also special demands for hairstylists and make-up artists for all types of occasions. 

Newly growing freelancing avenues

The education sector is fast growing in the virtual space and there is a lot of demand for freelance tutors and skill trainers. Complete academies are now operating virtually with trainers working remotely. Many institutions are also making placement offers to students who attend their programme. 

Overall, there is a growth in the freelance spectrum and any skill that can be utilised by an individual to get gainful engagement. One can be a nutritionist, teach formally on the subject of health and nutrition and offer their services as a food blogger or influencer marketer. 

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Raju Chaurasiya
Raju Chaurasiya
Create : Jan 19,2022