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Even though businesses hire freelancers extensively, many B2C freelance work opportunities pay very well. These roles are more versatile and allow one to work in a variety of roles with individual clients. Mostly, freelance work from individual clients comes from word-of-mouth publicity, social media contacts, and Google Business recommendations. Though there is scope for growth for many such businesses, their scale is generally not very large. Often transactions happen in cash and agreements are verbal. 

Freelance product and service providers and the pandemic

Though small commercial activities have been a big part of the economy they are not a strong part of the organised market. Many services and products by freelancers are nuanced and attract great demand. The pandemic witnessed many amateur bakers and chocolatiers experiencing a business boom. The easy access to online baking classes and recipes, special ingredients, and enthusiasm of bakers attracted great demand. 

Many caterers were sending home-cooked meals to the homebound people. There was a rise in people seeking counselling from psychologists and psychiatrists to cope with the lockdown stress, depression, and anxiety. Even doctors were being consulted virtually where physical intervention wasn’t required. 

It can be a slow but fruitful journey to entrepreneurship

It takes time to build a client base for such services. Often, one must be flexible in terms of payments, as the initial order comes from friends, family, or recommendations from friends and family. Also, since one is running the business from their home, in an informal manner, huge discounts are taken for granted. The discounts are one of the reasons why many people approach freelancers in the first place. From the client’s perspective, there is always a doubt that they are being overcharged, hence, it is important to strike the balance. 

Going through the freelance marketplace

On the freelance marketplace, the prices are transparent, negotiations are open, and the client base is broader. Due to the formal nature of the transaction, both parties must maintain market decorum. Thus, the seller gets the rates they want, and the buyer has the freedom to decide whether they are okay with the prices. 

Selling largescale

Some ideas for largescale sales, which include products and services – 

  1. Corporate gifting articles
  2. Art and craft articles
  3. Upcycled and recycled products
  4. Clothing, footwear, accessories
  5. Catering
  6. Chocolatier
  7. Tutoring
  8. Skill training
  9. Resume writing and career counselling
  10. Photographer
  11. Gardening plants, pots, fertilizer, and more
  12. Bakery goods
  13. Dietician and nutrition guide
  14. Physiotherapists and similar medical services
  15. Interior design
  16. Beautician 

There are other professions of similar nature that one can pursue where they can earn a good income as independent freelancers. 

ZoopUp.com provides platforms for skilled individuals who are looking for potential avenues for earning. On our platform, one can find customers and sell their products and services to them directly, without any intermediaries. 

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