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One of the reasons many millennials are opting to freelance is to fulfil their ambitions to be globe trotters. While many careers allow one to travel the world for their work, with internet and internet-enabled devices, people can now afford to travel to any part of the world without worrying about taking leaves or a break from work while exhausting their savings.

Here are 5 Ways in which freelancers can earn while travelling while looking for work in freelance job sites in India.

  1. Rent or sublet their space – if you have your property or you are renting some space, then while you are on your sojourn you can rent the space out and generate income to pay for your trip. Even if it is a few days, weeks, or months trips, one can put up their space on Airbnb to earn an income. 
  2. Content writing – Content writers need a laptop and internet to do their work. Whether you are a blogger, travelogue writer, digital marketing content writer, author, or copywriter, physical presence is secondary as content writing is in essence a solitary activity. With advanced communication technologies, wherever necessary interviews and meetings can be conducted online. Even the complete invoicing, payment and job search can be done virtually. 
  3. Web Design – Web design like content writing is also a complete virtual activity that requires web-based platforms for web designing and communicating with clients. As for creativity and inspiration for creating original website design will come from the sights and impressions one makes while travelling.
  4. Affiliate marketing – this is one of the best travel jobs though it can be challenging at the start. Firstly, one must build a +1 million followers’ base. Once that’s done, then clients will approach you themselves to recommend their products online and one can charge them rates they feel are fair. Some ways to earn in affiliate marketing is through Search Engine Optimization, Vlogs, blogs, and pay per click advertising among others. Influencer marketing also comes under this umbrella. However, this field is very competitive and if Google changes its algorithms, one may have to restart from level zero. 
  5. Online trading – Online trading can be done in the share market, forex market, commodity market, or derivates market and is a lucrative market fraught with high risks and rewards. In India, the share market opens at 9 a.m. and closes at 3 p.m., which would be the official work hours of an online trader. However, this job doesn’t require one to be constantly glued to the screen.

All these professions have ample rewards and risks but they give one freedom to stay on the road and the move without compromising on one’s career aspirations. 

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Imraan Khan
Imraan Khan
Create : Feb 01,2022