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Recently, a very proud mother of a software engineer was telling me how her son was promoted to a Managerial role after he worked overtime for 3 months straight. The young professional, with around five or six years of work experience, sat on his laptop till 3-4 am, only to wake up in two hours to sit at his work again.

While his dedication is commendable and his feat is admirable, the first thought that popped my mind is either the company is understaffed, or they don’t mind overworking their employees, both of which are problem signs. I have long since stopped believing that any talent in a company is irreplaceable. In the past three years of the pandemic, we have witnessed many top management and mid-level management honchos being laid off. 

The overtime culture myth

There was a time when the first software companies began dotting the global landscape, software professionals, driven by the incredible pay cheques and perks worked around the clock. This level of hard work has no doubt pushed the boundaries of technology and individual passion and drive have revolutionized the way we live. However, the same corporate culture is stifling the professional edge of many individuals. Boxed in their roles, many techies have little scope for growth or exposure. Maybe that is why so many are jaded and dropping out of the race or hop jobs when a better pay or change in role comes their way. 

Full-timers freelancing 

When compulsory work from home was imposed over the past three years, many individuals discovered there were projects on which they could spend a few hours daily and earn a sizeable side income from. In an environment fraught with uncertainty about being laid off, these freelance projects gave professionals a sense of security. Also, since the projects were of short-term nature and could come from any type of business, it added to their knowledge and experience. There were new waters to be tested, and skills to be learnt, with greater ownership towards their work.

Post-Lockdown demand for work from home

Many professionals have returned to their hometowns and do not wish to travel back to the cities where their offices are located. Another strong motive for wanting to work remotely is that one can balance their full-time and freelance career comfortably from home. 

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Sunada Jayaram
Sunada Jayaram
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