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Securing client interviews as a freelancer is an exciting chance to shine professionally and a nerve-wracking experience. We know that enthusiasm and passion for the work are important qualities to convey, but walking into an interview unprepared would be a disservice to yourself and the potential client.


That's why you must carefully research each opportunity and anticipate what kind of questions may arise during your conversation. You must thoughtfully reflect on these topics in advance to have an insightful, well-rounded discussion that leaves a truly memorable impression.

Top 5 Questions

Here are the top five questions every freelancer should prepare for before client interviews:

1] What makes you the best choice?

Clients should understand why they should employ you above other freelancers. Prepare to successfully market yourself by emphasizing your unique set of abilities, experience, and character traits that make you the ideal candidate. Don't just list your qualifications - show how passionate you are about the work and how you'll absolutely deliver great results.

2] How do you deal with changes in the project?

Freelancing means rolling with unpredictable changes mid-project. Show you can think on your feet and adapt to fixes or changes in scope without stress. Explain your process for creative problem-solving, keeping clients in the loop, and making adjustments to get back on track smoothly. Relay past examples that demonstrate your flexibility.


3] Show me your past successful projects.

Clients will want to see proof you can succeed. Have a couple of relevant examples on hand from previous similar projects to showcase. Go into specifics about your contributions, any challenges you overcame, and how the outcomes delivered value to those customers. Bringing past work to life shows your talents and experience.

4] What are your strategies for client communication and collaboration?

Effective communication is important for building trust and ensuring projects are a success. With each client, discuss their preferred methods and schedules for sharing updates and connecting. This could vary from daily stand-ups to weekly catch-ups, depending on their workflow.

Tell your client how you aim to customize your communication style specifically for each client's preferences and needs. 

5] What are your rates and payment terms?

Establishing clear expectations upfront leads to the most hassle-free partnerships. For rates, make sure to tell your client factors like complexity, timelines, and the specialized skill sets that determine your compensation structure.

In addition to base fees, you should disclose any potential additional costs like development, hosting, or material expenses. Tell the client about your payment schedules and if you want a final payment upon satisfaction with the deliverables or any advance payments.


Answering questions with thoughtfulness, confidence, and respect for both parties' interests is key. Your goal is for the client to leave having met a trusted partner rather than just a service provider during your discussion. With the right preparation, interviews open doors for rewarding long-term relationships.

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