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Salary Agreements: Payment Terms and Tips to Get Paid On Time

ojesvi singh
ojesvi singh
Create: May 13,2023


We all know the importance of money these days. The very sustenance without which nothing is possible anymore. And you get to know that better when you start running your own business. The importance of having proper payment terms and conditions for your services should be the top priority. 


The invoice terms and conditions wording should be clear, precise, and detailed according to the service allotted and the payment required. What if you have not received your payments even after decent payment terms? Keep reading for the answer. 


Have a solid Contract 

Before engaging in any project, form full payment terms and conditions for your services. Be straightforward, precise, and neat with all the contract. These are some points to note while drawing up your payment terms


  • The services that you are offering 
  • The payment for your services 
  • Taxes 
  • Payment method 
  • Payment contingency and other bonuses 
  • Work details and further instructions 
  • Client billing information 
  • Date of payment 
  • Grace periods 
  • Remainder details 
  • Consequences for non-payment 


Good communication can solve any problem. Whatever the issue with the client side is, communicate with them. It would gain your trust, and they would come to you directly the next time.  


The payment process is complicated, as it takes some time for the money transfer. Therefore, avoid jumping to conclusions when you find a pending payment with your client.  


You can call them and confirm whether they received the invoice bill for the payment. Not all are liars and cheats. If you find the reason legit, you can allot them a grace period per your payment terms 


The following best way is for you to help them. Offer to help them with their issue regarding the payment. Some might need assistance from your end too. This would also put you in a good spot.   


Get precise info on client billings 

While drafting your payment terms, be careful with the invoice terms and conditions wording. These are the little things that can bite you later on. If both parties are clear with the payment terms, it's a downfall for the service side.  


Therefore, get additional information on contacts or billing authorities from the client for emergencies like the absence of the primary reference. It is not wise to expect the client to be present in your free time. So, have a secondary connection to go to in case of non-payment.  


Tips on remainders and courtesy calls 

You can remind your client with a reminder message or a courtesy call. But there is an essential point: who to call and who you should not call. The clients who fail to pay every time and only pay after the deadline may need reminders. To deal with those clients like a pro, start with a courtesy call.  


You call them regarding the work progress and add this info at the end. If the non-payment continues, call them and ask their reason for the non-payment. Please be calm and offer to help them if the client needs help to follow.  


There is another type -The punctual guys. They would clear the bill according to the dates in the payment terms. They would not appreciate being disturbed by annoying reminders or calls. They will remember, and they will pay on time. Here you need to trust your client. 


Be strict with consequences 

It is vital to have strong payment terms and conditions for your projects and services. If the client doesn't respond well to the remainders, you can use the consequences mentioned in the payment terms.  


The demands or the extra payment depends solely on your company laws and the invoice terms and conditions wording. So, be aware of this while you draft up payment terms for your company. 


With this, you can legally claim what you have worked for. It will not get that serious, but you have the right to do that. Therefore be strict in getting payments.  



It was easier being an employee, right? - Working for a month and getting salary for that month. That's it. Simple. It was that easy. But this might be different when you start your own business.  


You have to start dealing with the client, and their needs, handle them, and maintain a good understanding with them for the sake of your business. You must show the client that you are your business expert and the best choice for them.  


Therefore, get your payment terms tight, be aware of the invoice terms and conditions wording, try to maintain a relaxed headspace while dealing with clients, and that's it.  


For reference, you can visit ZoopUp. They are a freelancing platform offering reliable and high-quality services with on-time payments.  



Happy payday! 

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ojesvi singh
ojesvi singh
Create : May 13,2023